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Perfect Garden Hideaway

Step by Step: How To Create Your Perfect Garden Hideaway

A garden should be a place that you love to retreat to, a place that fills you with joy and provides you with a space where you can relax and unwind. Having a lot going on in your garden can often make it feel a bit chaotic and overwhelming but this can be easily overcome by simply sectioning it off in order for this outdoor space to work for every member of your family. Today we are going to look at how to create your perfect garden hideaway to provide you with that tranquillity that you deserve after a long day or week.

Garden Room

Whether you want a reading spot, a place for yoga, to listen to music, to snuggle up in or to admire you garden from, a garden room will provide all or any of these plus more! The key tip for using a garden room as an ultimate hideaway is to ensure that it is indeed slightly hidden away. Choose an area of the garden that could take a shape around it, that possibly has a tree or bushes nearby, possibly in a corner. Think secret garden, think secluded, think escapism.

The Perfect Coverage

With your garden room in place, your next step will be to cleverly use some trees and shrubbery to give your hideaway some coverage. You don’t need to go overboard, afterall you still want to be able to see you lovely new build from other angles. Simple, yet effective placement of greenery will help to blend your garden room in with the rest of your garden whilst providing a little more privacy. Climbing plants up the side of the garden room are also a lovely and very pretty touch.

Light It Up

As you will want to be able to use your garden room at any time of the day, having lighting is a really important aspect when planning your garden hideaway. You should also consider what will fit in with this theme, for instance, pretty solar lights, fairy lights and ball lights will all be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Perfect Garden Hideaway

Lead Me Down The Garden Path

Nothing says come and discover this secret garden hideaway more than a quirky garden path. Using gravel, loose stones, stepping stones or crazy paving would all look perfect for this garden theme and will entice any visitors to follow this path to your new garden room.

Under The Arches

Another stunning touch you can add to your hideaway is one or more archways. Add this along your pathway or just as you enter the area just before the garden room to bring a little bit of elegance. Roses make a wonderful feature growing up an iron frame and will bring you beautiful flowers that you can admire every spring.

Drift Away

A water feature is a sure way of bringing a calming and tranquil environment to your garden and with so many options now available on the market, you are spoiled for choice. Whether you have a large garden that can accommodate a large pond or a small garden that can only take a small feature, all will be beneficial to both your overall look and feel of your garden hideaway.

Other touches to help you to create your perfect garden hideaway could include a variety of plant pots, hanging lanterns, a courtyard with table and chairs as well plus a herb garden to provide you with a sweet aroma each time you brush past it. Creating this space should be a personal one so don’t forget to add those ornaments and trinkets that hold some meaning to you too.

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