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Serious About Wine Creating The Perfect Garden Room For Wine Lovers

Serious About Wine? Creating The Perfect Garden Room For Wine Lovers

Whether you enjoy a full bodied French red, a floral New Zealand white or an English sparkling wine, your garden room can be the perfect location to indulge your love of wine. If you’re wondering how to create your perfect garden room for wine tasting, then read on!

How to create the perfect wine tasting room at the bottom of your garden

Heating and cooling

If you want to use your wine cellar all year round, a consistent temperature is key. An air conditioning unit can keep your garden room at a steady temperature which is crucial for storing wine.


Traditionally, wine tasting tables tend to be round with high stools; you can pick up a vintage style wine-tasting table by keeping an eye on auctions. Repurposed wine barrels can also give a rustic feel.

If you’re into something super-modern there are plenty of sleeker options available which will fit with your exclusive wine tasting room décor. These cork side tables are great fun!

Serious About Wine? Creating The Perfect Garden Room For Wine Lovers

Of course if what you really want is comfortable chairs to relax back into and a lower table, then go for it! It is your perfect garden room after all, so go with whatever makes you happy!

Wine Storage

You will of course need wine racks to keep and display your wines and most certainly a wine cooler to keep white wine chilled.

The ideal drinking temperature for red wine is between 16 and 18 °C, and the ideal drinking temperature for white wine is between 10 and 12 °C. Traditional wooden wine racks can look the part, especially when well stocked – but ensuring the temperature is kept steady may pose a challenge in an insulated garden room particularly if there is a lot of glass, with a good air conditioning unit being a requirement.

If you are starting from scratch then how about considering an integrated wine cooler which will provide sleek lines and a modern look, as well as space for 40 bottles of wine?

A clever built in wine cooler can even provide two difference temperature zones in which to store both red and white wine perfectly, meaning that you won’t necessarily require air conditioning in your garden room wine cellar.


It is of course possible to plumb in your new garden room. Having running water inside your new wine tasting room could be really handy; no carrying glasses to and from the house to rinse.


Traditional wine cellars tend to have low lighting, and lamps can provide this cosy feel. However dimmer switches, or smart lightbulbs, are a great idea as they will allow you to set the mood and use your wine tasting room at any time of day.

Finishing touches

Of course you will need to invest in wine glasses for red, white and sparkling wine. It might seem silly but the style of glass you have can really affect the wine drinking experience. Thinner white wine glasses keep the wine cooler for longer; thick glass can warm the wine quickly so should be avoided if possible. A narrower bowl is preferable as it channels the delicate flavours and aromas towards your nose; red wines favour a wider bowl so that it can aerate properly. If you aren’t looking to splash much cash, Ikea wine glasses are surprisingly good and very, very cheap!

To make your garden room wine cellar look the part, why not invest in some statement pieces like vintage wine crates which can be bought online from places like Ebay and then repurposed as shelving to store candles, books and wine glasses etc.

Wine-themed art prints for the walls are also a must!

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