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Premium Music Studio

Invest in a Premium Music Studio For Your Garden

If you’d like to create the perfect environment in which to play or record live music then a garden room may well be for you. All are designed to a high spec, have lighting, heating, plenty of natural light and can also be soundproofed. Take a look at what a premium music studio could do for you…

Who Could Benefit?

A garden room as a music studio could benefit those who are just looking for a hobby to those who play music professionally such as:

  • Music teachers
  • Professional musicians
  • Music producers and technicians
  • Aspiring bands and singers
  • Music enthusiasts
  • Children who are learning to play

Convenient And an Investment

A garden music studio provides you with a dedicated space in which to make music, which will help to free up the space in your home. On top of this, it will also help to prevent noise from leaking through the neighbour’s walls and will help to keep a healthy work/life balance between family members. If you currently use a music studio for teaching students and pay a monthly fee for hiring this space, you will be saving on this overhead making your garden room a great investment.

Great Acoustics

In a garden building like ours, you will significantly notice how much the acoustics are compared to inside your home. This is due to the confined space, no carpets or excess furniture to absorb the sound, no background noise (in the home you may have the TV going, washing machine, others talking, noise from neighbours etc) and good soundproofing.

All of our garden spaces come with natural soundproofing as standard due to the insulation system we use. because of the layered building insulation we use:

  • 18mm timber cladding

• 25mmx35 tanalized timber to create air circulation space

• Waterproof membrane

• 4”x2” c16 structural timber containing acoustic insulation

• Celotex rigid insulation

• Plasterboard and plaster skim coat

However, if you require the next level of soundproofing please don’t hesitate to bring this up during your consultation.

Premium Music Studio

Security For Instruments

A secure garden room music studio is an ideal place for storing your musical instruments. You will want to consider storage boxes or cupboards, blinds for doors and windows, an alarm system and good locking system which will all ensure to deter any potential intruder.


One big bonus of having a garden room as a music studio is the privacy it can give you to practise, write music and record it. Mistakes are always going to be made but having your own space to do this without anybody else listening in will give you the freedom to try and try again. If you are writing something personal or perhaps recording a piece as a surprise, your garden room will give you all the privacy you need.

If you’d like to talk to us about creating your very own premium music studio for your garden get in touch here today.

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