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Prevent Overheating in Your Garden Room

How To Prevent Overheating in Your Garden Room

Ok, so being the UK it isn’t often that we have to worry about getting too hot but we are partial to the occasional heatwave so to help you out before these arise here are some great ways to prevent overheating in your garden room.

Good Design Is Vital

The fact is if you have a garden room that has been designed and built by a reputable company (like us!) you will already be in a great position when it comes to temperature control inside your building. Our rooms are extremely similar to your home which makes them warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to good insulation (see below), double glazing and of course good quality flooring. We can advise on garden room types, take into consideration the type of garden you have, location and what you’ll want to use it for. All aspects will be covered in order to make your design work for you.

Insulation Can Prevent Overheating in Your Garden Room

There is a lot of focus on the importance of insulation to keep a garden room warm in winter but having high levels of decent insulation in the floor, walls and roof are equally as important in the summer months. Insulation works by trapping warm air which keeps your room nice and toasty when cold and then this trapping will also keep the interior cooler than the outside during hotter periods. Hence why we are always proud to be able to say that our garden rooms can be used all year round.

Natural Shade is Cheap!

Where you position your garden room will have a huge effect on how hot it gets during the warmer months. If you have an area of your garden that is always in full sun, that sees plants and grass struggling, that has no shade whatsoever, you may find this would be a problem spot for one of our buildings. Instead, look to an area that gets natural shade at certain points of the day or maybe a spot that has a little shelter from trees or bushes. Both of these will help to prevent your garden room from overheating and will keep it to a nice comfortable temperature.

Prevent Overheating in Your Garden Room

Opening Windows and Doors is a No Brainer

A very simple yet effective way of preventing overheating in your garden room is to fling open those wonderful double glazed windows and bi-fold doors and allow the natural breeze to blow through.

Blackout Blinds Are a Good Investment

By opting for blackout blinds over curtains you will be able to completely blackout the heat and keep your garden room cool and comfortable for working in.

Air Conditioning Works a Treat

Installing air conditioning may seem like an expensive option, but this temperature control will allow you to keep as cool as you need to be during a heatwave and then also turn it to heating for the winter months. Ask about installation during the design period and we can see what we can do to advise you on this.

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