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Quirky Summer Houses – Projects to Give Your Garden Personality

Quirky summer houses are a fun way to makeover a garden building.

Instead of setting up a man cave or a regular sitting room, take on a project that encompasses something you love. Pick a theme that interests you, the go all out to make your summer house into a quirky and unique room that’s bound to impress!

If you’re unsure to execute your new project, then you need to make a thorough plan. Spend time working on your theme. Research various elements of your chosen theme and start a Pinterest board to keep your ideas together. Quirky summer houses can be a lot of work to put together because the fine details are what really makes them work. You might find that you never really feel finished and continue to buy trinkets, ornaments and accessories for years to come.

Ideas for Quirky Summer Houses

Lots of quirky summer houses follow similar themes. These are usually based on fiction (often the owner’s favourite book), an era in time, or TV and movies or other cultural references. The handy thing is that if you pick something in one of these categories, researching your theme on the internet shouldn’t be too tricky. You can buy almost anything you could possibly want online so sourcing the products you need should be easy too.

A 1920s Glam Style Summer House

Famed for being the Great Gatsby era, the 1920s screams glamour and decadence. It’s the perfect theme for a quirky summer house you plan on entertaining in. Art Deco is the style from back then so ensure everything you buy fits in with your theme.

Geometric shapes are a heavy feature. Modern takes on Art Deco include shiny golden metallic colours paired with rich colours. Add ornate lamps, vintage drinks carts and vintage-inspired crystal glassware. This is the sort of project that you can keep adding to over the years. Look out for interesting items in antiques shops and bric-a-brac second hand shops.

A Hagrid’s Hut Inspired Summer House

Quirky Summer Houses

A favourite in the Potterverse, Hagrid’s hut is known for its quirky homeliness. Although you might struggle to find a hippogriff for your garden and a dog the size of Fang may not quite fit, you can still recreate this rustic hut. The interior is wood-heavy, which is easy enough to get your hands on. A reclaimed timber coffee table would be a perfect fit for the style and provide somewhere to park your rock cakes. 

Take a look at this Hagrid inspired hut for inspiration!

The One With the Quirky Summer Houses

Monica’s apartment in Friends was so iconic, a generation of young women wanted a purple wall with a picture-frame peephole. While a summer house is unlikely to need a peephole (on account of all the windows) it wouldn’t hurt to display a nod to it on the wall, which needs to be painted purple. The seating arrangement is reasonably easy to copy too. 

These are just a few quirky summer houses based on cult classic themes, there are so many more possibilities!

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