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How To Create a Relaxing Garden Room for Summer

How To Create a Relaxing Garden Room for Summer

Summer is here, the schools are just about to break up and the sun has been shining making everything feel that little bit brighter. Things have felt very hectic, out of sorts and full on for far too long now so trying to find a great way to relax at home is at the top of most people’s lists right now and what better way to do that than with a gorgeous garden room in your own back yard? With a building like this, the uses are pretty much endless but a relaxation space just sounds so perfect right now, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at how to create a relaxing garden room for this summer…

Furniture and Soft Furnishings

Having the right furniture for this room is a must. If you want a light and airy relaxation room you want to steer clear or dark, heavy items and think about shabby chic pieces, upcycled furniture, light woods and/or wicker, key pieces that will make the room feel refreshing. Also, think about comfort here. Find a cosy sofa, oversized bean bags and plenty of cushions because you want to be able to lay back and just chill out from your busy day.


With the weather being so good right now you may want to keep the heat from the sun out so make sure you invest in some decent blackout blinds. These will help you if you want to use the room for meditation, for sleep or for when you have a headache and so on. Blinds are so easy to fit and use making them ideal for a building like this.


Garden rooms will come with lights in the ceiling as standard but to create a relaxing summer room you will want to add lamps or solar lights to give your room that warm glow as the sun goes down.


When we talk about relaxing I am sure that beautiful aromas, gentle music, comfy pillows and soft lighting all come to mind first. Candles are perfect for covering both the aroma and soft lighting parts and with so many available on the market, you can find a great selection to fit in with your overall room theme.


How To Create a Relaxing Garden Room for Summer

Bringing life into your garden room helps your mental health, and your physical health as many are air purifiers plus it ties your garden with your indoors. We would recommend looking at getting aloe vera, spider plants, peace lily, ferns, rubber plants and Ivy. Oh, and remember, the more the better!!

Music System

With relaxation often comes music because music really is just incredibly healing and mood-altering. Even if you only want to listen to gentle sounds, you will still want this to surround you and to be of a great quality so investing in a good music system can be really beneficial. Speakers can be placed around your room but definitely don’t have to be on display, a clever plant here, a bookcase there, a curtain and so on could soften the tech look but still give you what you need to create a garden room with ambience.

If you’d like to discuss building your own relaxing garden room, why not get in contact with us today?

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