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creating a room to inspire your creative flair

How To Create A Garden Room To Inspire Your Creative Flair

A garden room can be the absolutely perfect location for your hobby; whether that’s art, dance, yoga, writing or crocheting this space is yours to be as creative as you need to be… But how do create a room to inspire you?

Here are our tips…


The whole feel of the room is key. Your space needs to be chilled, relaxing, warm and inviting. It needs to take you away from your everyday life, away from the hustle and bustle and transport you to a different place. Achieving this will, of course, come down to personal preference but key tips to take on board are to look at how to use your space sufficiently, where to place your carefully chosen items, what brings peace to you, for example, candles and what helps to calm your mood and goes on to inspire you.

candles - room to inspire


Colour plays such a huge part in our lives and in order to create a room to inspire, you will want to choose colours that call out to you. Most people find pale blues, whites, pastel pinks or country creams very calming and more importantly, not distracting. Bold colours can overpower a smaller room and they can also make your brain feel hectic if looked at for too long. The colour you choose needs to tie in with that tranquil feel you want to achieve so you need to ensure that you get this spot on.


Very few people can work productively amongst mess. A tidy room leads to a tidy mind as they say and this will then lead to inspiration. Mess can be very distracting so the best way to prevent this from creeping into your new garden room is by carefully planning what you will need, what will look nice and what will help you with your work/hobby. Think about any storage units that will help to keep your belongings tidy, shelving for ornaments and keepsakes, as well as filing cabinets if you need to keep paperwork in your garden room too.

A tidy desk in a room to inspire your creative flair

No Clutter

It can be so easy to keep adding and adding to your new room, but this could have a detrimental effect. Research suggests that as with mess, clutter can also cause you to be unproductive so keeping things minimal is better if you need your room to help you to work. Planning out your room prior to making any purchases will help you to decide on what you will really need and what you can do without. Having an open airy space will aid in clearing your mind and allowing your creative juices to flow.


Choosing a good mixture of furniture and soft furnishings will really help to bring the theme of your room together. Keeping your tones matching, calming and soft will help towards that tranquil end result and by not overfilling the room you will be creating a space that you can feel inspired to work in. Looking for key pieces such as large bean bags, large lamps, rugs and comfy cushions will give your room a homely touch and an area that you will look forward to coming into.


Natural light is a must when working on a hobby, especially if you enjoy painting etc. Think about where you will place your desk or work area within your garden room. Think about where the sunlight hits throughout the day and how you can utilise on this. If your garden is quite shady, you’ll want to look into extra lighting from either lamps or ceiling lights. When your garden room is being built you can give your input to the company on what your ideal lighting would look like. Most can cater to your needs and advise where these lights should sit. You want the right amount to be able to work happily in but nothing that will cause too much glare.


Music can really help to set the ambience and having a good music system in place will really benefit you if you are more productive when your favourite tunes are on. Music can be so inspiring and will lift your mood when you are feeling a bit lost with your project. 


Plants can really bring a room to life and this is a really important aspect when you want a room to inspire you. You want to fill it with items that make you smile and flowers and plants will do this for most people. And if you are worried about keeping them alive, artificial ones look so realistic these days that you can still get the same look without the hassle of taking care of them!

We hope our tips to achieve a room to inspire has inspired you to get started. 

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