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Rooms Outside Are Not Just For The Daytime! Here’s Why

If you have ever thought about rooms outside but weren’t sure that they’d get as much use as they deserved, think again! A room in the garden is the ultimate flexible space during the day and late into the evening.

Let there be light!

One of the biggest concerns for people considering building rooms outside is that electrics can be difficult to install. This isn’t true – it can all be planned and done with the build. Outside lights are a good way to make sure you can find your way to and from your new space in the dark; smart bulbs mean you can turn them on and off from your house.

Obviously this means you can also connect your music, TV or devices and use your room in whatever way you wish.

Insulated to stay warm

Don’t forget that all Modern Garden Rooms outside are insulated and therefore retain the heat on chillier nights, meaning they can be used not just on sunny days, but all year round and into the evening.

Rooms outside are a great place to dine

An outside room can be the perfect place for a family to come together over a meal. With space at a premium for many, a lot of houses no longer have a separate dining room area, but a room in the garden with space for a table, chairs and dresser can make it seem like a more formal occasion. They’re also a great place to host dinner parties.

Have a drink in an outdoor bar

If you’re less of a chef and more of a cocktail whiz, then a room in the garden with a bar area could be just the thing to make your evenings better.

Whatever your tipple, well stocked garden bar will be the envy of your friends and neighbours, who’ll all be angling for an invitation. The perfect accompaniment to a daytime barbecue, or an evening, to provide a change of scenery, fresh drinks on tap and no babysitter required!

rooms outside

Get some time away from the kids…

Family life often means a lot of compromises; it doesn’t matter how great your intentions, sometimes the kids make a lot of mess and sometimes you just can’t face tidying it all up before you relax for the evening. Nor do you want to sit down with a G&T among games and toys. Or, you might have teens who want to use the TV.

Whether you’re working, hosting your friends or just watching TV, the answer? A room outside just for you!

Get that B&B feel

If you have family and friends who live far away and like to visit, make them feel comfortable in their very own bedroom! Although there are rules against using rooms outside as permanent residences, you are permitted to use them as occasional bedrooms, and if you plumb in your garden room then you can even provide your guests with all mod cons including a loo!

By choosing a sofa bed you can use the space in between as a spare reception room, converting it into a bedroom as the need arises.

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