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small garden rooms make perfect places to read

Why Small Garden Rooms Make The Perfect Reading Nook

When it comes to building a garden room, size really isn’t important. What is important is getting the right one for your needs and if you are in need of a reading nook then small garden rooms are the perfect choice for you and here’s why.

Peace and Quiet

Step away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Move away from the TV and escape the family noise to enjoy your book reading out in the garden in your very own dedicated room. Imagine that silence, that peace and the right atmosphere to sink into your novel. Plus as all modern garden rooms can be easily sound-proofed you could really achieve that pure silence you are longing for.

Small Space, Cosy Space

Small doesn’t need to be seen as negative. In fact, small can mean cosy and personal, quaint and inviting, comfortable and just enough space for a few. You can make this space your own and by adding fleecy throws, beanbags, large cushions, a rug and soft lighting. You’ll create the cosiest reading nook that you will just love walking into.


If you are a big bookworm it may be the case that you are running out of room inside your home for your much-loved hobby. If that’s the case, a small garden room could not only provide you with the headspace you need but also the storage space too. Imagine a room which could have wall to wall bookshelves, even room for every book you own and space to organise by genre and being able to keep it that way!! There are so many amazing and imaginative ways to store your books, you could really let your creativity run free when it comes to this part of planning the interior of your garden room. 

Natural Light

One of the main benefits of small garden rooms is that they will provide you with plenty of natural light from their bi-folding doors and windows making it even more perfect for a reading nook. When planning your build with your chosen company, ensure that you inform them of all of your needs and explain what your room will be for, this way they can carefully design a garden room that will completely suit you and will provide you with years of pleasure. 

All Season Reading

As small garden rooms can be fully insulated you will be able to enjoy this cosy reading nook all year round. You will be able to turn on the heater and snuggle under a throw during the winter and then be able to throw the doors open and enjoy the sunshine beaming in during the summer. This is an investment that you will be able to enjoy whatever the weather. 

Be At One With Nature

This has to be one of the most lovely parts of having a garden room. Regardless of the size of your garden, where you are located and which room you opt for, all outdoor areas will bring a certain degree of wildlife and nature and being out in your garden room, you will be able to enjoy this up close. Just imagine being mid-way through your latest novel and having a bird come and perch in the window or watching the bees collecting nectar from the flowers or the butterflies flapping around your window boxes. It will be such a beautiful escape from the stresses of the real world. 

Just For You

And lastly, by building a small garden room for your reading nook you will be creating a little bit of paradise just for you. A place where you can relax, unwind, meditate, be at peace and a place where you can let your hobby take over, leaving work and homelife far behind. 

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designing a garden room

How to Make the Most of Small Garden Rooms

Small garden rooms can easy seem cramped once furnished. The key to making the most of the space available involves careful planning and clever storage. Try to pick one use for the room and stick to it, if you’re hoping to use it for more than one purpose, you’re likely to run out of space much quicker.

When it comes to kitting out small garden rooms, it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can get by with less furniture and still have a beautiful room that does everything you need it to.

Make the Most of Small Garden Rooms with Clever Choices

This practical list of storage solutions and streamlined furniture will help you create the illusion of space in your small garden room.

Narrow down your list of essentials

Before you start to furnish your summer house, make a list of what you’d like to put in there. Once you’ve got your list of essentials, analyse it to see if there is anything you can do without. There’s no sense in cluttering the room with non-essentials. If you’re planning on setting up a garden sitting room, the minimum you need is a TV and somewhere to sit. Although extra creature comforts may seem like a good idea at the time, all it takes is a cumbersome coffee table or a plump pouffe to shrink your floor space by half.

small garden rooms

Choose sensible furniture options

The most obvious way to save space in small garden rooms is to go minimalist on the furniture. If you can get by with with just one small sofa, then that’s a perfect space-saving start! If you’d like a few extra seating choices, make sure the furniture you choose will leave plenty of space to move around. Opt for small and streamlined over large and plush to make the most of the space available.

For something a little bit special, check out Pinterest for inventive furniture ideas, you’ll be amazed at what’s out there! It’s possible to get a table and chair set that can be perfectly put away into a book case! 

Small garden rooms need clever storage solutions

Believe it or not, you can combine your storage with your furniture by going for hollow chairs or sofas. These allow you to store things like books and video game cases without taking up any extra room. A nest of tables is a great space-saver and can do everything a coffee table can, but takes up half the room.

Other space-saving hacks

Foldable furniture has always always been fantastic for barely taking up any room. Furniture that folds down from the wall is even easier to pack away. If you need a desk, try using a desk that folds down from the wall when you need it (and fold back up when you don’t. They’re even available with a picture on the underside so it blends into the scenery when not in use. A fold chair will be the perfect partner for this type of desk.

Remember to utilise technology where possible. Rather than arranging overflowing bookshelves, look into backing up your collection on e-reader to avoid taking up physical space. Opt for a Smart TV to reduce the need for wires or extra boxes, and consider Smart Speaker to stream music with no need for other accessories.

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