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Furnishing a Summer House

5 Creative Summer House Interiors That Are Easy to Achieve

Searching Pinterest for summer house interiors inspiration can easily steal several hours of your time. There are so many beautiful interiors ideas out there that it makes settling a style very difficult. The further you get into the Pinterest rabbit-hole, the more it dawns on you that each theme seems to have several sub-themes, making your style options impossible to choose from.

If you’re looking for creative summer house interiors as inspiration for your own, then look no further than this guide. 

5 Creative Summer House Interiors that are Easy to Achieve

These five simple summer house interiors are easy to create, and look fantastic!

A Tropical Den

Tropical interiors involve very little planning. The theme can be created effortlessly by going leafy designs with flashes of colour. The colour green is essential for a tropical theme, so look at emerald furniture and lots of indoor plants (if you’re looking for specifics, a Split-Leaf Philodendron is the go-to plant that features heavily in tropical prints).

a tropical den - summer house interiors

For the injections of colour, look out for tropical-themed ornaments and decorations. Flamingo-shaped fairy lights or pineapple-shaped coffee cups would make a fun addition to the interior of your summer house. If tropical-themed novelty items aren’t your thing, brightly coloured scatter cushions and throws would achieve the same thing. Pinks, yellows and oranges will break up the green nicely.

Upcycled Vintage-Chic

For those of you who prefer more eclectic summer house interiors, upcycled vintage-chic is a look for you. Usually, this look can be achieved an a very wallet-friendly way, by sourcing second hand pieces from charity shops, car boot sales and even antiques fayres. You can carefully curate the perfect interior for your summer house.

Vintage inspired summer house interiors

Keep your eyes peeled on the local selling pages for furniture that is functionally sound, but needs a lick of paint. This style of interior involves a little more work than the others, but it also ensures that no one else will have a garden room like yours!

Handmade Haven

If upcycling furniture doesn’t sound like much fun, but you want to add your own personal touch to your summer house, adding handmade decorations could be right up your street. If you’re nifty with the knitting needles, why not make warm throw? If you can paint or draw, then create some art to decorate the walls. Do whatever you’re great at to put your own stamp on the room.

Beach Hut Chic

easy summer house interiors

Whether you’re 5 miles or 500 miles from the coast, there’s no reason you can’t bring the seaside into your own back garden and kit your summer house out like a traditional beach hut. Coastal themes traditionally mean lots of blue, white and red, but modern design have injected some pastel tones too. 

‘Shabby chic’ was derived from this coastal style, so bear that in mind when you’re decorating. Picking up some driftwood art might help add the finishing touches, and no beach hut is complete without bunting!

Cosy Log Cabin

A wooden garden room is easy to transform into a traditional-looking log cabin. A log cabin should have a strong feeling of cosiness about it. The furniture should be sumptuous and enveloping, and the lighting should be soft and calming. An abundance of blankets will help to make the space feel cosy, making it the perfect soothing place to kick back and relax.

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