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Create The Garden Office of Your Dreams (In Stages)

The garden office of your dreams may be easier to achieve than you think!

When you start talking about your dream interiors, it’s easy to get carried away by dreaming of expensive things that you’d never normally buy. Garden offices, however, are likely to be the subject of slightly more conservative fantasies.

Even if it you’re mind is running wild with thoughts of top-of-the-range equipment, offices need to be functional first and foremost. If you can’t do your job in your office, then it’s not really doing its job!

This means you can build the garden office you’re dreaming about in stages. As long as your office functions well for your work, you can upgrade one item at a time. Setting up the garden office in stages is the key to creating the garden office of your dreams if you don’t have the budget straight away.

How to Create the Garden Office of Your Dreams

The garden office needs to function on a basic level, even while you’re waiting to upgrade items. It makes sense to buy your ideal equipment in order of importance.  There’s no point in getting the best coffee-maker on the market if your computer barely functions.

If you’re not sure where to start, this list should help you prioritise which items to upgrade first.

Improve the Décor

Modern garden offices can be a standard shell with plain cream walls and wooden flooring, or you can invest in funky wallpaper, rugs and furniture to really give it a splash of style.

Pinterest is a great place to start creating a modern office mood board. If you don’t see clients in your office and the décor is for your eyes only, you’ll have plenty of freedom to create your own style.

If you’re likely to meet with clients, it might be an idea to keep things relatively neutral and instead splash out on stylish furniture that’s comfy to sit on.

The garden office of your dreams

The Garden Office Needs Functioning Tech

Whatever your job involves, streamlining your workload with the right technology is essential. If you’re looking to upgrade items in you home office, it makes sense to begin with essential tech. If top-of-the-range equipment can make your job easier, then this should be the first thing you choose to improve. Upgrading your tech will enable you to work more efficiently and inspire you to continue on your journey to creating the ideal office.

Your Back Needs Good Support

Once the tech is ticked off your list, your seating arrangement should be next on the agenda. The average person spends a huge chunk of their life at work. For all the hours your put in, you need to make sure you’re comfortable. Working with a bad posture and poor spinal support can cause lots of problems down the line. This is why it’s important to get the right work station set up for your posture. A supportive chair paired with an ergonomic desk will help ensure you work in a comfortable position that will support good spine heath and posture for years to come. 

Once you’ve ticked all three of the above off your list, you’ll have plenty of freedom to add those items you’ve always dreamed of. A fancy coffee-maker is a great place to start!

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