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Timber Cabins: What to Use Them For & How to Decorate

Timber Cabins are a great way of adding a room to your household without the bother of building an extension. A timber cabin can be used for almost anything you like and will help make your home feel bigger.

You might be wondering if a timber cabin can be a good fit for your needs, and chances are – it will be! This list covers some great uses for timber cabins (as well as inspiration for how to decorate).

Timber Cabins & How to Use Them

There are plenty of uses for timber cabins and this list covers the most popular. A wooden garden building is a hugely versatile structure that can host friends, solve storage solutions or just an extra room to relax in.

Timber cabins make great sitting rooms

An extra sitting room at the bottom of your garden is a dream come true for many, especially those who live in a full house already. Having children usually means you relinquish anything that’s just for you. Whether your children are very young or fully grown, they tend to have a habit over taking over every inch of a house. Creating a sitting room in a timber cabin could be a bolt hole you’re in desperate need of.

Fill your private sitting room with soft furnishings you can sink into at the end of the day. A large smart TV with access to your favourite streaming services is a must, while rugs throws and scatter cushions can help give  the room a cosier feel. 

Decorating your timber cabin with a sofa

Personalise your sitting room with some indie prints from Etsy, and take joy in decorating a room just for you.

Use your timber cabin as a garden office

Working from home has become easier than ever in recent times. More and more internet-based jobs are popping up, meaning whether you work for yourself or someone else, you can do it all from home. Home-based jobs are becoming increasingly popular for parents, allowing them to cut down on childcare costs by working flexible hours, and spending more time with their family.

Creating a stylish looking garden office is easier and cheaper than you might expect. The minimalist style movement is still going strong, making plain basics look like a style choice rather than a budget restriction. Dress up basic designs by investing in a few homeware accessories. 

working from home in timber cabins

Mini succulents look great on desks and windowsills, and have the added bonus of being a low maintenance plant. Wall hangings can make an office look more inviting and help soften the clean lines of minimalism. If you prefer to work without accessories, that’s fine too. All you really need in order to make your home office work is a computer and a strong WiFi connection.

A garden room can make the perfect playroom

It’s no secret that children can be messy and their toys can easily take over a house. A garden playroom can be a real sanity-saver when it comes to containing the chaos. 

A playroom should have the perfect mix of sensible storage and comfortable furniture. A small sofa can be a nice place to read with your child during quiet times. Kallax units are popular for toy storage and make it simple for children to help pack away.

Decorate the walls with artwork your children make and if there’s room, squeeze in a small table and chairs to give them somewhere to be creative. A playroom like this will give your child everything they need to explore their interests and grow their confidence.

timber cabins: Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom

Timber cabins can be used for many more things, what will you use yours for?

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