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turfing your lawn

How to Reduce Turfing Costs For Your Lawn in 2021

Most people desire a very flat and verdant green lawn, however those who have attempted to achieve this feat can confirm the level of difficulty involved in turfing your lawn and maintaining it properly. It is extremely easy to lose control of your lawn, if weeds and moss find their way into the grass, you will find it nigh on impossible to eradicate them.

One’s best bet is to begin again; replace the lawn completely and have the garden re-turfed.

Turfing your lawn on a budget

If you’re up for some hard work, you can replace the lawn yourself fairly easily. Those who choose to have a professional gardener handle this will find that it is not a very expensive undertaking, it is even less expensive if the lawn in question is small.

Here are simple ways to keep your turfing costs down whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional especially when your budget is tight.

turfing your lawn

1. Go for a Smaller Lawn Area

Not to sound too obvious; when you are concerned about the cost of turfing your lawn, a good option is to reduce the size of your lawn. You can achieve this in different ways. The easiest option is to make the whole lawn area smaller by making the flower beds bigger. If you have a garden room, you can bring the turf up to the entrance or create a small area of gravel, decking, or patio around it or surrounding the house.

A smaller lawn is very practical. It keeps costs down while ensuring you don’t have so much mowing to do afterwards.

2. Take Careful Measurements

A lot of people order more grass than they need and end up with excesses they have to discard afterwards. To avoid this, be meticulous with your measurements so you don’t have to buy grass for the compost heap.

It becomes simpler to calculate the quantity of turf you’ll need if you are opting for a simple shape like a square.

3. Purchase in Bulk

Just like every other thing, bulk purchases are always cheaper. Don’t buy a little at a time, get all the grasses you need in one fell swoop. It becomes more advantageous if you are re-turfing the back lawn and front garden at the same time since the bulk becomes larger.

4. Go the DIY Path

The best way to keep the cost of re-turfing your lawn at a bargain level is to do it yourself, of course. The process of laying grass is as simple as laying a carpet. All you need to do is to roll out the strips of turf, butt them firmly together and then trim any part that hangs beyond the desired lawn shape.

It makes perfect sense to do the work yourself if your garden is small but it will be much harder to get a neat finish with bigger gardens. This is where a professional should provide turf laying prices and come in unless you have some prior experience in the field.

Remember that the lawn needs to be watered well and looked after until the grass has bedded in so it continues to look fantastic.

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