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Unique garden room uses

Unique Garden Room Uses: 6 Ideas For Your Modern Garden Room

When it comes to having a garden room, we all know that they make a fantastic home office or summerhouse, a home gym or art studio but what else do people use them for? Here are a few unique garden room uses we have seen over the years…

Garden Bar

A garden bar is a great way of bringing even more to your alfresco dining experience. Your guests will be wowed by this latest addition and it will allow you to spend more time outdoors, it will reduce the mess left inside your home and will give you more room for entertaining. You could create it as simply as building a homemade bar with a fridge and some bar stools or go the whole hog and pay a company to install your very pumps and all the traditional bar features.

Home Spa

What better way to relax at the end of busy week then in your own private home spa? You can bring the comforts of your home, tie them in with all of the usual pleasures you get in a spa but not have to go very far (or spend a lot of money) to enjoy it. Add touches such as candles, aromatherapy oils, soft lighting, a chill out zone and soft robes as well as a hot tub and you will have the perfect place to unwind.

unique garden room uses: pool house wooden garden rooms

Pool Room

If you are fortunate enough to have the space to accommodate a swimming pool then having one inside a garden room will allow to you enjoy this in the warmth all year round. You could also have your own steam room and sauna, showers, changing areas and a relaxation area.

Cinema Room

If you love that cinematic feel but don’t want to pay the price each time, why not convert a garden room into your very own home cinema? Use one wall for a large flat screen TV or perhaps a projector screen, purchase comfy reclining chairs, have a dimmer switch installed for your lighting and don’t forget the popcorn machine!

Coffee Bar

Everybody loves a good coffee shop but the habit of being a regular visitor can certainly take its toll on your wallet. Why not bring the coffee shop to your own home and convert a garden room into a coffee bar? A simple coffee making machine and good quality coffee is all the equipment you need and then finish it all off with comfortable seats and sofas, beautiful art and pictures as well as good company.

Kid’s Playroom/Den

Are the toys taking over your home? Are you running out of space? Why not remove all of the toys and throw them in the garden? That’s something a lot of parents would love to do, isn’t it? With a garden room you literally can do this though. By building a kid’s playroom or a teenager’s den, you can regain some of that space in your home, remove the chaos and have a room dedicated to play, mess, fun, learning, arts and crafts. It is a win win situation, the kid’s will adore their own space and you will adore being able to close the door and walking away from it at the end of the day.

Those are just a few unique garden room uses, if you have anymore to add let us know in the comments.

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