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Can I Have a Water Supply for My Garden Room

Can I Have a Water Supply for My Garden Room?

A common question we are asked when meeting with potential clients is: “Can you connect water to my garden room?” And we absolutely can. Although we don’t undertake the plumbing work ourselves, we will liaise with a local plumber to make sure all connections are in place during the build ready for him to connect and install the service afterwards. We want you to be able to have the garden room you need and we completely understand that having access to water is sometimes required. Perhaps you will want to have a sink for seeing to your plants? Maybe you’d like to install a washing machine? A toilet is a popular option as is a shower if you have a home gym. Whatever your needs, we will always look to meet them. Here’s how you can have a water supply for your garden room.

Installing cold water

If you simply want a water supply for your garden room in order to have a sink for washing your garden tools, or maybe even a washing machine for your laundry, all you will need is to have cold water in your garden room. The first step will be identifying the nearest cold water mains connection in your house. Once we and the plumber can determine this, we can work together to arrange a system for the water flow to go in and out of your new building. The biggest job here is to dig up part of the garden in order to run the pipes across. We will assess the path it will need to take and the plumber will advise how they would need to go about this. Soil will be a simple job but going under a patio/concrete will of course be a bigger task.

Once this part of the job is sorted the last part is to find a drainage point in which to remove the dirty wastewater. If there is an existing soil drain point, the plumber will be able to add a connection from your garden room over to it. Costs will vary depending on the work that is required but we will liaise with you and the plumber to advise you on costings throughout.

Installing hot water

Can I Have a Water Supply for My Garden Room

Adding hot water can be a little more tricky and more expensive of course. The use of a boiler doesn’t have to be ruled out but you will need to look into all of the regulations that come with this and find a reputable plumber to install it all. We have seen an example of a boiler system running off LPG gas cylinders to give a garden room central heating and hot water but really you are only going to get this type of heating with a bespoke garden office design. If you only require hot water to power a shower your best option is to go for an electric shower that will heat the water for you as you use it. For hot water from a sink, you can install a small hot water heater underneath it which will provide you with around 7 to 10 litres of hot water which should be adequate enough for daily use.

Installing a toilet

A toilet is a great addition to a garden room especially if your building is quite far from the house and if you are using it all day for work. Installing a toilet in a garden room needs to be planned early on during the initial design stages. Fitting a toilet to an already installed garden room can lead to added costs as parts of the building already installed will need to be adapted. For most toilet installations, the garden room toilet will be connected to the existing water and sewage system at your property. Two pipes are required, one used for clean water and the second to remove sewage. As with the addition of cold water, pipes for a toilet will be installed underground. This groundwork is one of the largest costs when installing a toilet and is also time-consuming. However, it can be a really beneficial step to take if you are going to be spending a significant amount of time in your garden room.

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