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Inventive Uses For A Wooden Cabin When You Have Kids

Once you’ve settled in your forever home and children have entered your life, it’s time to look at getting the best out of your living space. Investing in a wooden cabin for your garden can not only help you utilise the space inside your house, but it can be the most versatile part of your property.

When your family expands, it can change every aspect of your life – from the amount of room all their new belongings take up, to searching for time and space to feel like yourself once again. A wooden cabin in your garden can help make these changes easier, by being whatever you need it to be.

Below are some inventive suggestions for how to use your wooden cabin once you have children.

playroom in a wooden cabin

Uses For Your Wooden Cabin

These ideas will help you regain some order in your life (and perhaps even a little sanity). You could use your wooden cabin as:

An Outdoor Playroom

This is probably the most obvious suggestion where kids are concerned. A playroom that is separate from the main part of the house will help you stop feeling like your home has been overrun with toys and sticky fingers. 

Ikea Kallax units running along the walls will help keep your cabin tidy, while a sofa and TV will provide a place to relax that grows with them. Once they’re teens and have outgrown fiddly toys, it’ll be easy enough to set up a games console in there to keep them busy (and stop them from hogging the main telly).

Doing artwork in a wooden cabin

A Home-Schooling Classroom

If you’re one of the many parents in the UK who thinks home-schooling would be better for your children, it helps to separate the ‘work’ areas from where they play.

Although home-schooling has the benefit of the whole world being a classroom, it can be helpful to give your child physical boundaries so they clearly understand when they are expected to learn, and when they are expected to play.

A Messy Play Den

There are some parents out there who ban glitter, Play-Doh and any other messy crafts. It’s understandable that people want to keep their home nice. No one wants to spend their evenings on their knees, scrubbing things out of their carpets when the kids are in bed, but messy play is both enjoyable and educational for children. 

A plastic tray might come in handy when you’re dabbling with messy play, it’ll keep most of the mess contained. You could also expand the messy play area by having a sand and water table set up on the paving/decking immediately outside your wooden cabin.

mum relaxing in her wooden cabin

An Escape From The Children

Of course, it might be unrealistic to think that all the toys and mess can be contained in one external garden room. If you feel like your house has been completely taken over by these little bundles of joy (and their entourage of toys), you might prefer to keep your wooden cabin to yourself.

Declare your garden cabin a child-free zone and kick back with a cuppa (and the baby monitor) when your little ones are in bed.

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