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Well presented luxury garden studio.

6m x 4m Canopy Room Portsmouth

Luxury Garden Studio


Luxury Garden Studio 7m x 4m, this is one of our Canopy Garden Rooms. It is clad in red western cedar with a 1m canopy that comes as standard with down lights. This luxury garden studio has the upgraded aluminium windows and doors. This package that consists of 2.5m Bi-Fold Door’s with a 500mm corner section full height window. A 400mm x 1600mm top opener window, 600mm x 450mm Top opener window, and a 1000 x 500 Top opener window.

Internally it is divided up into three separate room. Each room fitted out with lights and power sockets some of which have USB plugs.  Also we installed cat5 cable in the building for the client to get connected at a later date.

Client Name:

Karim from Waterlooville, Portsmouth.


Initially When Karim contacted Modern Garden Rooms he was looking for a 6m x 4m garden room. And he was unsure which style he was wanting.

Our Solution:

We arranged for Karim to visit one of our completed builds. Our recommended style for his build was a canopy room and working together with Karim we conducted a site survey. And with the area available we were able to design this luxury garden studio.

5m x 3m cedar clad home office, with anthracite aluminium door.

5m x 3m Concave Room Leicester

Home Office


Home Office 5m x 3m concave, including aluminium window and door.

Client Name:

Dave Shepard, Leicester (August st 2017)


When Mr Shepherd came to us he was looking for a modern and stylish garden room. He needed a space that he could use as a home office. During the initial site visit it became clear that our customer knew exactly what he wanted. He had a floor plan and specification already drawn up and just wanted to make sure that everything he required was possible and if we could add anything to the build which he may have missed. The aluminium windows and doors were to be colour matched with those already installed in his house and the profile too. – All of which we were more than happy to do.

Our Solution;

As a result we designed this 5m x 3m concave garden room, we kept the concave section of the room down to 300mm so that it wasn’t imposing. Finished it off with aluminium window and door along with the composite decking.



Home Garden Office neatly sitting at the bottom of narrow garden, blending in well the the surrounding environment

3m x 4m Canopy Room Rotherham

Home Garden Office


Home Garden Office 3m x 4m, cedar clad with 2.5m UPVC French doors and a 1.5m x .5m double opener window. Our Canopy style room with 1m softwood decking, internally finished with Laminate flooring, 4x double sockets and a panel heater.

Client Name:

Meridith from Harley, Rotherham (October 2018)


Meridith came to us wanting to use the bottom of her garden which didn’t get much use in spite of her garden only being narrow, to build a Home Garden Office.

Our Solution: 

The garden was only narrow so we built a nice little canopy room. Fitting the full width French doors to the front of the building let a lot of natural light in and gives the feeling of been in the garden. We fit a side window to let in the light on an evening but kept the window size down as not to be intrusive to the neighbours garden.

Concave Garden Office with a secret shed door

6m x 4m Concave Room Ashford

Garden Studio


Garden Studio 6m x 4m including to the right a storage area with a hidden cedar clad door.

Client Name:

Siobhan from Ashford, Kent (October 2018)


Siobhan and her partner wanted to replace their shed at the bottom of the garden with a room. It was to be used as an office/work-space with a storage area alongside. Having 2 kids and also working from home meant that the house was becoming crowded and a little cramped. So, having a separate room at the end of the garden gave her family some much needed space back in the house.

It needed to be well insulated so she can use it all year round without high electricity costs. Lastly they wanted to maximise the amount of natural light coming into the room with clear glazed french doors and windows to the front of the room

Our Solution: 

As a result we designed this stunning Concave Garden Studio. Having the door to the storage area on the front of the building saved on space in the main office room. Fitting the cedar clad door has also kept the building looking stylish and the room blends in well with the rest of the garden.

The room is left with a laminate floor internally and all walls and ceilings professionally plastered ready to decorate once dry. The shed has OSB on the walls so whilst being trendy it allows hooks and shelves to easily fixed to. Once the build is complete we completely tidy the site keeping disruption to a minimum. The building is also given a wash down with water and the windows and doors cleaned. The cedar cladding can be left to fade back to a natural silver colour. Alternatively you can apply a couple coats of protective oil, which has UV protection and slows down the fading process.

Corner room, with a large section of tall glass windows and french doors to the front and softwood steps leading into the room

5m x 3m Cube Room Southampton

Corner Room


Corner Garden Room 5m x 3m, with 1.8m french doors full height side and corner windows.

Client Name:

Charlotte, Eastleigh, Southampton


Charlotte was looking for an extra room to be used as an office, when she came to us she was a bit undecided with the design, but wanted to make the most of the natural light available.

Our Solution;

With this mind we offered Charlotte a corner section window and French doors layout. This was incorporated into one of our cube room designs, giving the full benefits from the large glazed frames on the front and the side of the room.

The front decking was to our customers specification allowing easy access into the corner garden room.

Large garden room with storage

Large garden room


large garden room 8m x 5m.

Client Name:

Paul, from Upminster, Essex (September 2018)


Paul had been looking for a building to use as a games room for his teenage children. This garden room therefore needed to be large enough to have a games room, however it also needed an integrated shed accessible from the outside, and a small room for a toilet which could be installed at a later date. With such a large garden we put together several designs from our range of garden rooms.

Our Solution

As a result, our solution was to create a large garden room in our concave style. Firstly, bringing the shed/storage section right to the front of the building – this maximised the area for storage. Secondly, gave important space for the toilet room to be positioned at the rear, accessed via a modern style doorset. Thirdly, this gave Paul the perfect balance of games room/shed/toilet.

In conclusion we received the following feedback from Paul:

Mike, Rob and the team are doing a great job and they will be finished on Thursday. Mike also sprayed/painted the internal walls/ceilings/doors (I supplied the paint).”

Large gardenrooModern internal door and electric wall mounted heater from laptronicInterior of garden room with dart board

Cedar cladded secret door Storage room

Garden Office 4.6mx3m


4.6m x 3m canopy garden office,

Client Name:

Andrew, from Loanhead Scotland(October 2018)


Andrew was looking to be able to work from home while still feel like he was “at the office”. But not have a structure that was too imposing in his garden.

Our Solution

Was this beautiful cedar clad garden office, which has a reduced canopy and single step to reduce the impact of the building in his garden.

We recieved the following feedback from Andrew:

“I couldn’t have asked for anymore from you or the install team and we are delighted with the finished product.”

Interior of a recently plastered garden office Inside a garden room

The Most Awesome Things About Working From Home

Many of us around the world are becoming more attracted to the idea of working from home, and rightfully so when you consider the plethora of benefits – Just ask the 5% who are actually willing to break up with their spouse just to be able to work from home!

82% of telecommuters reported lower stress levels when working from home, which in turn has correlated to a 69% decrease in absenteeism – just one example of how a better working lifestyle can benefit both employee and employer by decreasing health expenses, the spread of colds and flu and contributes to a happier lifestyle.

By working from home you eliminate the need to travel to get to work, which is also a contributing factor to decreased stress, but also to productivity. The added time that would have been spent commuting is contributed to the completion of work-related tasks.

If you want to skip ahead – Read and share our infographic below.

Working from home

If there are clearly enough benefits to prove working from home is better for everyone involved, then why do people work in the office still? One of the main reasons some employers are still against the idea of working from home is down to the lack of trust in their workforce. As quoted by Cary Cooper – Professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University Management School “Managers want people in the office because they want to see their little empires in front of them…and the incompetence of managers who don’t know how to manage people remotely”.

Smaller companies are unfortunately one of the worst at trusting their employees to work from home in comparison to larger corporations. Despite a friendlier and more intimate office environment, there’s a sense of bosses needing to know their employees every move, which is highly influenced by autocratic management.

Some of the reasons why companies shy away from allowing employees to telecommute:

  • Lack of trust in employees
  • Not all jobs can be done from home
  • Working in the office isn’t seen as “that bad”
  • The law
  • Technology (or lack of)

Benefits of working from home

Nicholas Blooms’ TEDxStanford talk: “Go head, tell your boss you’re working from home” sparked much controversy, but was backed up with very compelling research as to why the benefits of telecommuting can sway your employer to consider how their employees like to work.

Some of the many benefits of working from home include:


  • Working from home eliminates the need for travel in a vehicle.
    • If employers allowed telecommuting – almost 9.6 million cars every year would be off the road – reducing greenhouse gas emissions by almost 53 metric tons!
  • By letting most, if not all employees work from home you eliminate the need for big, commercial office space (or even none at all!). For each person who works from home there is an office space that does not need to be constructed, heated, or cooled – which speaks for itself when it comes to preserving the environment.


  • Working from home has shown to make it easier to eat healthy, as well as have a more manageable work-life balance.
    • Eating the right foods and a better work-life balanced has been correlated to reducing stress levels by 73% and 80% respectively.
  • Long commutes have also been linked to increased stress and even depression as found ina study of 34,000 UK adults who commute for more than 30 minutes daily. The elimination allows employees flexibility to work wherever they wish – be that at home or their local coffee shop.


  • Productivity is a common theme and an issue amongst employers who are sceptical about letting their employees work from home.
    • There’s a common misconception of home workers getting easily distracted – but an interesting study found that 1 in 3 office-based workers admitted to experiencing an average of 10 distractions per day!
      • 44% of home workers actually reported fewer distractions, and 45% reported increased productivity.

Tips on productively working from home

Are remote workers more productive than in-office workers? In short – yes. But many people can lack the discipline needed to stay motivated. We think working from home doesn’t come down to willpower, but rather a set of guidelines that can help you maximise your working day:


  • Actually getting dressed for the day than sitting in your pyjamas can give you a sense of determination and urgency to get your work tasks complete.
    • A professional outfit can help you feel more productive and change your outlook on how you view your working day.


  • Multitasking is actually bad for the brain. Texting, sending a funny selfie on snapchat or that hilarious cat video might do wonders for a dopamine hit, but not so much for your productivity. Research from the University of Sussex found that avid multi-taskers had less brain density in the brain region responsible for cognitive and emotional control (known as the anterior cingulated cortex).


  • How you create your workspace really is down to your preferences. You have the ability to run wild by designing your perfect space – one that inspires you to work.
  • The perfect place to work in your home is one of the most important things in order for you to feel both comfortable and productive during working hours.
    • Whilst working from your bed might seem like the most comfortable option – it actually confuses the brain by lowering sleep quality and encouraging lethargy, two things you definitely don’t want to be experiencing in a place associated with sleep and rejuvenation.
  • Have a desk that’s faced against lots of sunlight in a quiet room, is well ventilated and free of clutter.


  • It’s important to keep a schedule of when your team is online the most, and windows where you’re most productive.
    • Be as active as you possible can during group chats (that are actually work-related), then schedule your deep-rooted work for when you’re feeling most productive in order to maximise your time whilst working from home.


  • We’re generally able to fully focus on a task from anywhere between an hour to two hours straight at a time. But after that you need a good 15-20minute break to recuperate before focusing on the next task.
    • Powering straight through can actually be unproductive as you simply cannot finish tasks efficiently t the same standard. Split your day into hourly windows (or a stretch of time that works best for you) and set breaks in order to get work done more efficiently.


  • Your workspace needs to look productive in order for you to be Purge out what doesn’t need to be in your home office and remember to keep on top of it before it gets out of control.

Designing the ideal work from home office space

Whilst the prospect of working from home is incredibly exciting, it can pose a productivity risk if your office space appears ‘too’ casual or isn’t completely separated from the rest of your home. When working from home you have to be strict in the physical boundaries of your working space and your home.

Before you begin – ask yourself the following about your home working space – by answering these questions you’ll be able to devise a plan for your home office that best suits you:

  • What kind of work will you be doing?
  • Will clients be visiting you?
  • Will colleagues come over for meetings?
  • Do you require specialist equipment?
  • Where will the bulk of your work mainly be carried out?
  • Are you going to be video conferencing?

Common mistakes when setting up a home office

  • Not creating enough space for work resources
    • Or filling empty space with irrelevant items that could be used more efficiently
  • Thinking you can tune out loud noises (such as a TV or outdoor traffic)
  • Compromising on equipment quality which could make difficult jobs harder to complete
  • Lots of wires everywhere

Things to consider when setting up your home office

Working from home as we’ve discovered has a variety of benefits. An optimal work-life balance, no need to commute and the freedom to design your own office that’s solely dictated by you – but what do you need to consider before setting up shop in your home office?


Any technology such as your laptop, desktop or tablet has to be of reasonable speed and efficiency. You won’t have IT support if things are running slow, so ensure you know the basics to solving common connection issues or a number handy in case the worst happens.

Ensure you have a phone line separate to your personal one so that your colleagues and clients are not left with a busy tone. Also be advised to get insurance on all of your equipment should there be a case of loss or disaster.


Noises and interruptions can make all the difference, but not in a good way. You won’t be able to work to your full potential if your office area is constantly disrupted.

If getting a door for your office isn’t an option, a privacy screen and fan on a low setting are just some simple solutions to muffling out noise. Should your window face a pavement or a busy road, a privacy film screen on your windows can also work wonders for that extra bit of privacy and security.


The top of your work screen should ideally be at eye level. As you scan down your computer screen screen, your eye lids will naturally close a little, giving it a chance to moisten, which in turn reduces eye fatigue.

Whilst your desk is mainly for active and productive work, you also need a place to relax and read too. A great home office should be equipped with a comfortable chair you can recline in, preferably with an ottoman to put your feet up. A luxury cushion and throw can also be just what you need during breaks between tasks for a quick unwind – certainly something you can’t get away with in the office!


It’s natural for people to put their desk in the corner of the room – which in turn actually recreates a typical office, which probably isn’t the vibe you’re going for. Try facing your desk against a window so you have plenty of natural light shining through.

Should there be no ample daylight available, a combo of desk or floor lights can create a nice soft glow – try going for ergonomic task lighting that you can dim during the brighter hours of the day to save on electricity.

Low lighting can bring about negative effects to the mind such as depression and even Vitamin D deficiency. Ensure any artificial lighting is yellow-cast to mimic the illumination of natural light if it’s scarce.


Consider how you’re going to layout your office – will your desk be able to fit your desktop/laptop and printer? Do you have ample storage space for all your resources?

Whilst filing cabinets aren’t the most attractive looking pieces of furniture in the world, you do need to consider where you can store loose paper in an efficient fashion.  Try wall storage solutions or magazine/newspaper racks if this seems more appealing.

If your home office is an ex guest room – convert the wardrobe into a fully functioning shelf to save you on some pennies and add a domesticated touch to your working area.

Top tip: Run power strips behind your desk to keep loose wires from going haywire.

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the joys of working from home

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Shaun from Windlesham (April 2018)

5m x 3m canopy room “I just wanted to add that the construction process was seamless and thoroughly professional. Rob and Lewis were an absolute delight to have around, put workers everywhere to shame and did it all with a sense of humour and kind consideration for us. I can’t praise them highly enough. The building itself will be linked up to the electricity supply today….but it seems to me that so far the quality of the materials and the finished product matches the lads who built it - excellent.”    
Shaun from Windlesham (April 2018)

Andy from St Albans (July 2018)

5m x 5m border room “All paid thanks – the room is awesome.”  
Andy from St Albans (July 2018)

Mark from Dursley (June 2018)

5m x 4m canopy room The garden room is complete and we are very pleased with it. Lewis & Sam have carried out a first class build and it was a pleasure having them around and watching proper tradesman work - top job!”  
Mark from Dursley (June 2018)

Sara from Brentwood (May 2018)

"The garden room is great, and Lewis and Matt were brilliant. They worked extremely hard, were neat, tidy and polite – we would highly recommend you and the team going forward.”  
Sara from Brentwood (May 2018)

Harry from Warwick (August 2018)

"The room looks great and the guys were awesome – very polite and considerate. I’ve never seen builders work so hard and produce a product of that quality – they are a credit to the company.”  
Harry from Warwick (August 2018)

Paul from Rochester (April 2017)

“Mike, Jonny just a quick email to say how pleased we are with the garden room. The whole process from initial contact to completion was first class. Please pass on our thanks to Rob and his team - their workmanship was excellent and nothing was too much trouble. A job very well done thank you.”
Paul from Rochester (April 2017)

Lizzie from Chiswick (June 2017)

“From start to finish it was a pleasure to work with you guys. You have a straightforward, good product which you sell well (loved all the diagrams you sent at the start) and then when it goes up it looks fab. The boys had great attention to detail and the finish is top notch. Rob and Harry were brilliant and it was a pleasure to have them working hard in my garden over 3 weeks. They were super tidy, were polite about my tea and coffee, worked really hard and always came up with a good solution to any problems that arose. A can do attitude is always so much appreciated by us customers and they had that in spades!”
Lizzie from Chiswick (June 2017)

Simon from Epsom (April 2018)

5m x 4m concave room Hello guys, We are really pleased with the room you did for us this time last year, the room is bedding into the garden well.  
Simon from Epsom (April 2018)

Sara from Brentwood

The garden room is great, and Lewis and Matt were brilliant. They worked extremely hard, were neat, tidy and polite – we would highly recommend you and the team going forward.
Sara from Brentwood

Hamza from Wraybury (June 2018)

8m x 11.5m border room Hi Rob, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work on the project! It was a real pleasure working with and knowing you. You were extremely professional from day one and very accommodating - a true gentleman. The quality of work was impressive and if you yourself ever needed a personal recommendation for any potential clients please feel free to let me know - I will be happy to take the time to speak with them. I wish you the very best of luck for the future. Please make sure to keep safe when you go riding. You have been a good man to have work on the building and I cant thank you enough.    
Hamza from Wraybury (June 2018)