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Inject colour into your garden flowers

How To Inject Some Colour Into Your Garden

Your garden should be a happy place, a space that immediately makes you smile and somewhere you can retreat to for sanctuary at the end of a busy day. So, how do you achieve that? As humans, we are all drawn to colours and for each of us, particular colours will have meanings and will make us feel better. Some of us may like bright, summery colours, others like cooler tones and some like pastel shades, but when it comes to your garden how do you incorporate these? Here we take a look at the easiest ways to inject some colour into your garden.


Flowers may seem like an obvious answer but in order to achieve your desired look you will want to focus on what burst of colours you’d like to see around your garden and what time of year each chosen flowers will bloom. By choosing a selection of bulbs for spring, flowers for summer and alpines for all year round you will be able to cover all bases and keep your garden looking fresh and colourful in all seasons. Before you begin to plant this up, you should carefully decide where your flowers will live, how this will be complemented across your outdoor space and ensuring that your colour scheme matches in with the next pointers.

Plant Pots

Filling your garden with flowers is one thing but bringing them onto patio or decked areas, into dining sections and outside of doors to the house will help to bring the outside closer to home as well as create a lush blanket of colour. The pots you choose could also be colourful ones in order to inject even more brightness into this space. If you have plain terracotta pots, why not give these a lick of paint to help to brighten them up? You could get really creative and use modelling clay to add a raised design and then paint each area in different colours. You could even come up with a mosaic pattern with mirrors which will help to reflect your colours and make the whole space even more interesting.

Feature Wall

If your garden has a large brick wall you are probably very aware of how imposing these can feel. Many people may choose to cover these in a climbing plant such as Ivy, or by attaching planters, but have you ever considered some wall art? Wall murals are growing in popularity and they make an amazing main focus to your garden. What pattern or design you choose to go for is completely up to you and if you are an artistic person you may even want to give this a go yourself.

your garden in bloom


Many a UK garden has wooden fences as a divide between the neighbours and many, many of these are painted in wood, dark or orangey shades. Why not use these as another way to inject some colour? If you want your flowers to take the focus, try choosing a white or cream paint for your fence. This will give you a bright backdrop and will make your flower’s colours pop!


Just as above, many gardens have trellis for plants, climbers or for vegetables and most are left as they are. Try giving these a lick of paint to brighten them up and to allow the colour to be seen through the plants. You could be really flamboyant and choose bright, carnival-type colours which would really catch your eye or you could choose pale tones that will tie in nicely and won’t draw your eye away from say your feature wall.

Garden Room

Garden rooms are becoming a more and more popular fixture and most come in a wood finish but this could be the perfect place to inject some colour into your garden. A wood paint will work just as well on here as it does on a fence so why not think about sprucing it up too? You could choose to have one colourful wall, you could paint flowers all the way around, you could even go for a beach hut style and add stripes. There are so many options, it’s just about choosing what will fit with your overall garden style. 

your garden room


Lighting can play such an important role in the garden. Not only will it allow you to enjoy this space for more hours of the day but it will also help to brighten everything up at night. However, when choosing what to style to purchase, take into account how it will also look during the day. If you want to keep that colour focus throughout all of your chosen pieces, why not opt for bright festival round lanterns or brightly painted glass bottle lights? 

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings make a beautiful finishing touch to many areas of your garden. From dining chairs cushions to seating cushions, chunky throws, tableware plus you could also think about adding items such as hammocks. All of these are available in such a wide variety of styles, designs, patterns and shades making it such a fun and easy way of injecting even more colour into your garden.

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