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Teaching Music From Home Here’s How A Garden Room Can Help

Teaching Music From Home? Here’s How A Garden Room Can Help

If you are a music teacher working from home, you are probably well aware of the number of problems that can come from this – noisy family members, doorbell going, home phone ringing, having to keep a tidy house and so on. Perhaps there is a simple solution? In the form of a garden room. Here is how a garden room can help you when you are teaching music from home.

A Dedicated Space

A garden room will provide you with that dedicated space in which you can carry out your work teaching music from home in a professional and calm way. The room could provide you with space for music books, for instrument stands, to keep larger instruments such as a piano or drum kit. It will allow you to always have your equipment set up, to plan ahead, to be organised and to feel as though this place is fully dedicated to that musical passion.


As mentioned above, this dedicated space will bring with it an air of professionalism which is a huge bonus if you are looking to increase the number of students you have on your books. People will be more inclined to book with you if you can show what they will be getting for their money and what they will get out of a session. No disturbances, distractions or interruptions will show they will have your full focus and having everything in one place will show that you are efficient and prepared.

Home and Work Life Balance

When you work from home, it can be easy to allow your personal life to merge with your working one. Those chores that need doing, that shopping list that needs adding to, the children coming home from school, the cat miaowing for food are all distractions that you don’t need when you are trying to focus on teaching music. Avoiding these can be really tough if you don’t have a dedicated space for your work which is why a garden room is such a great solution. Being away from the home (even if you are still technically at home) and in your own teaching room will allow you to focus on your job and when you are done, you can close the door, walk home and get back into the swing of home life. Keeping the two separate is also good for the rest of the family too as they can relax in their own home without worrying about disturbing your teaching. It really is a win-win.

Teaching Music From Home Here’s How A Garden Room Can Help

Noise Levels

The sound created by your music lessons may not be welcomed by all. If you have thin walls, the neighbours may be able to hear the instrument, your children may struggle to concentrate on their homework, your partner may want a little quiet after a long day and so on. A garden room can be fully soundproofed which would be a solution to all of these problems. As long as you inform your garden room designer of all of your needs, they can plan these requirements in and give you a room that will contain that sound and allow your students to play to their heart’s content.

Home Privacy

When teaching music from home you get used to having a lot of footfall and students coming in and out, but is there a part of you that wants some privacy back? With a garden room as a teaching room, you could potentially direct all students to enter for their lessons via a garden gate and wait within the garden room for their lesson to begin. This will free up your home, stop the doorbell from always going off, allow you to reclaim some privacy and keep your house cleaner too.

If you’d like to discuss creating a garden room for your music room, drop us a line today.

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