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The Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Garden Rooms

When thinking about building your own garden room you will initially have a lot of questions that you want answered. As expert designers and builders of garden rooms, we know the most common queries so thought we would provide you with all of the information in the form of this one article.

1. What are the building regulations required?

As long as your chosen design falls within the permitted development rules that your room will be no higher than 2.5 metres from bottom to top, that it does not take up more than 50% of your garden and that it will not be used for sleeping purposes you will not need to seek planning permission. As with all builds, this will need to be inspected by your local authority regulator but this is standard practice and all of our garden rooms adhere to their requirements. You can read more on this here.

2. Will it have heating?

Yes, your garden room will come fully heated with every package we offer. As standard we provide a 1.5kw unit and consumer unit. You want this building to be used all year around and heating will make it a comfortable place to be in.

3. Will it have electricity?

Yes, just as above, all of our garden rooms come as standard with a fitted track light with 4 adjustable spotlights, canopy lights, 1 light switch and 4 double power sockets. If you require more we will need to discuss this during the design stage and we will do our best to meet your needs.

4. Can I have plumbing?

It is perfectly possible to have your garden room plumbed in to provide you with a sink, shower room, kitchen area, even a pool room! Of course, we would need to discuss all of this with you when outlining the use of the room and work alongside outside companies (if required) to make this possible.

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5. Is it insulated?

All modern garden rooms are fully insulated to ensure that you can use it during any season or any time of day. Being outside, it would become far too cold without insulation or heating and your garden room would also be open to damp or mould problems. All of the walls are expertly built using: 18mm timber cladding, 25mmx35 tanalized timber to create air circulation space, waterproof membrane, 4”x2” c16 structural timber containing acoustic insulation, Celotex rigid insulation, plasterboard and a plaster skim coat.

6. Can it be soundproofed?

The insulation we use has a level of soundproofing applied to it but if you want to use your room for say drum lessons and you don’t want to disturb the neighbours, then we can certainly help to soundproof both the floor and ceiling as well as the walls.

7. Can I choose the finishing touches?

Our flooring comes as standard with all of our garden rooms but if you have had your eye on a particular style then you can just let us know. As for paint, we leave this neutral and allow you as the customer to customise this in your own time. 

8. What can I use it for?

Your garden room can be used for so many things that list is almost endless! Home office, home gym, dance studio, music studio, playroom, gardening room, art room, yoga room, reading nook, teenager den, pool room, games room, dining room, outdoor pub… This is where the fun comes into it. You can literally use this building as you please and as time goes on you can adapt this depending on how your circumstances change. 

9. Is it easier than an extension?

This is a tricky one to answer as all homes are different but in terms of planning permission, building regulations and the time it takes to build, yes, a garden room is far easier to build than an extension. With very little issues in the way, with it being on a smaller scale and with very little disruption to your home life, this option is the winner.

10. Does location matter?

Yes, we will want to discuss location and carefully work out where your garden room should sit taking in consideration several factors which will include the space available, shade, where the sun comes around, overhanging trees and of course your neighbours if you have any. The last thing you want to do is upset any neighbours with a new build so we always suggest that you chat to them prior to starting work and make sure everybody is on good terms. As for the other factors, these are easily ironed out and as we pride ourselves on every build we do we always ensure that every room finds its perfect spot in your garden.

For us, garden rooms are a great addition to any home and can truly benefit both your working and home lifestyles. We want you to be happy with your purchase so do please contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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