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5 Reasons Why Timber Buildings are Great for Hobbies

Timber buildings can be a useful addition to any home where a hobbyist resides. Hobbies are fantastic for relaxation and can bring joy to your life, as well as improve your general well-being (unless your hobby is fire eating, in which case, that’s a bit risky).

The only trouble with hobbies is that they can take up a bit too much room – that’s where timber buildings come in. Building a timber garden room on your property can be just the thing to keep your hobbies contained and your house tidy!

Here are 5 reasons why timber buildings are a great place for your hobbies

You probably need a timber garden building because:

1. Garden buildings are self-contained

One of the best things about timber buildings is that they are self-contained, meaning you can keep all the equipment for your hobby together in one place. The benefits of keeping everything you need for your hobbies in a building at the bottom of your garden is that you’ll always know where everything is, and people you live with (e.g. children/housemates) won’t borrow or disturb your things.

Games room

2. People can’t see you!

If your hobby involves doing anything you might be embarrassed to do in front of other people, then a timber garden building is the perfect place to hide away.

Perhaps when you’re learning new yoga moves, you frequently end up flat on your face and would hate anyone to see you like that. Practising your moves away from other people can help put you at ease (and maybe even perfect those poses even faster).

3. People can’t hear you!

It’s possible to get garden buildings soundproofed, which is great if you’re learning an instrument. No one wants to hear the hours of practice that an amateur violinist needs to put in – your family are just being polite!

If your hobby involves a lot of noise (even listening to loud music while you exercise), a soundproofed garden room is likely to be strongly appreciated by your family (and neighbours).

4. You’re less likely to be disturbed in a timber building

Doing artwork in a timber building

If you take yourself away from the main house and hole up in your garden room, you’re much less likely to get disturbed by the people you live with. By putting a conscious barrier (the garden) between you and them, they’ll be less likely to interrupt what you’re doing (unless they’re got something really important to tell you).

Popping their head around the door for a chat suddenly requires more effort when there’s a garden between you and them, so you’ll probably find you get lot more done.

5. You can immerse yourself fully in your hobby

Having a free-standing garden room dedicated to your hobby means you can seriously knuckle down. Whether you hope to be a top trombonist or have taken up painting purely because you love it, a room specifically for your hobbies can be exactly what you need to help you relax.

Without any distractions from the outside world, you can give your favourite pastimes your full attention and learn to be the master of your trade.

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