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The Four Top Garden Buildings You Should Consider

The Four Top Garden Buildings You Should Consider

Are you looking out at your garden and thinking it is missing something? Do you want to make more of the space but just don’t know how? Here are 4 top garden buildings we think you should consider.


A conservatory has long been a popular choice for many homeowners. The biggest draw is that it isn’t quite an extension and it isn’t quite a garden room, it’s that little bit in between. Because of this, you get a wonderful feel from a conservatory. It makes for a lovely spot in which to sit and take time out from the rest of the home but also gives you that connection to your garden. By adding large plants and trees to the inside you can even tie your patio in with your indoor space and make a real feature of this building. These can be suitable for any sized garden as they come in a variety of sizes.

The Four Top Garden Buildings You Should Consider


An orangery is similar to a conservatory but instead of windows for walls, it is made up of a brick structure with a glass roof. This makes the garden building feel more like an extension of the home but still has that garden element. The whole point of an orangery was to have a place to grow citrus fruits like oranges and lemons from the 17th-19th centuries. This is still a popular look for homeowners to achieve and it definitely gives this top garden building that feeling of grandeur. These are probably more suited to those who have a larger garden.

Garden Room

The garden room is THE top garden building for the last few years. Thanks to lockdowns, working from home and homeschooling being on the up, the garden room has been the solution for those with little space inside their homes as well as providing privacy and quiet needed. Now available in many styles, sizes and finishes, the garden room can be a wonderful feature for your garden and a statement piece as well as useful. The top uses for a garden room are offices, a gym, yoga studio, art studio, reading nook, cinema room and dining room. These are suitable for any sized garden.

Summer House

Your summer house is a garden building that sits somewhere between being a garden room and a shed. It doesn’t quite have the same structure as the garden room and certainly couldn’t be used all year round but it is an upgrade from your standard garden shed. These make quaint additions to any garden and provide that traditional English garden feel. Most people will use these for afternoon tea, reading and potting up plants. Ideal for any sized garden.

Which of these top garden buildings takes your fancy? If it’s the Garden Room then why not drop us a line today?

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