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Our Top Four Garden Must Haves For Outdoor Entertaining

Our Top Four Garden Must Haves For Outdoor Entertaining

That season is almost upon us, yes, that’s right the warmer months when we can back to really enjoying our gardens and inviting friends and family over to eat, drink and be merry. So, what do you need to get your garden party ready? Here are our top four garden must haves for outdoor entertaining.

Outdoor Oven or Barbecue

When you have your outdoor soiree you, of course, have to provide a lovely cooked meal for your guests and an outdoor oven, barbecue or pizza oven are all perfect additions to your garden. An oven is preferable if you have the space to house one as this will not give off any smoke like a traditional barbecue will and is far more reliable when it comes to cooking food thoroughly. Look for classic stone-built ovens that will give your garden that old-timely feel and almost Mediterranean aesthetic.


You will need to provide a little bit of shelter for your guests, this is the UK after all! So installing a pergola around your patio area will not only give you a beautiful feature but it will help against the elements. You could choose to grow stunning climbers such as roses, clematis or Jasmine up and over the wooden beams using string to guide their growth over the top or you could add a sail sheet from one corner to the other. Fairy lights also make a lovely finishing touch.

Our Top Four Garden Must Haves For Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Dance Floor

If your garden gives space for it, building a separate patio for dancing will make your garden parties the ones to always be at! It doesn’t need to be huge, just a small, round paved area that could take a few movers and shakers along with some disco lights and you will be able to go from daytime family meal to night time party really easily.

Garden Room

If the weather isn’t great, if it turns whilst your party is in full flow or if you love to throw a garden get-together all year round then a garden room is the must have for you. This space could become a dining room, a dance floor or just a cosy chill-out spot. You could build your outdoor oven on the decking and always be able to provide shelter and comfort for your guests.

These garden must haves will help to keep your family and friends entertained all summer long!

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