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Executive Toys for Your Luxury Garden Office (2)

Four Executive Toys for Your Luxury Garden Office

So you’ve built a luxury garden office, and now it’s time to add the finishing touches. There’s no doubt you’ve put a lot of thought into making the perfect workspace, but what kind of workspace would that be without some cool executive toys?

Desk toys are a great therapeutic distraction for when you’re waiting for that important Zoom, or need to fidget while you’re on the phone. Most office workers have at least one on their desks, and it seems the higher up the ladder you are, the fancier they get. When you’re working from your own luxury garden office, you’re CEO of your domain (whatever your official title at work). 

It’s time to feel like the most important person at the company, and choose some elite executive toys. 

Desk Toys Fit for a Luxury Garden Office

There has been some discussion about whether these executive toys are too much of a distraction. They definitely make stylish corporate decorations, but they can take your attention when there’s work to be done.  Most adults can be trusted not to waste an afternoon raking their mini zen garden. It is thought that overall, these desk toys can help reduce stress and increase productivity, much in the same way fidget toys work for children.

Below are some of the most interesting executive toys that will perfectly complement your luxury garden office.

Executive Toys for Your Luxury Garden Office (2)

An LED Newton’s Cradle

Giving the perpetual motion machine a modern twist that even Newton himself would have probably approved of, you can now get a light up Newton’s Cradle. The balls still swing from side to side and an ambient LED light changes colour. It’s mesmerising to watch and looks great on your desk.

Draw a disappearing doodle on a Buddha Board

Can take a phone call without doodling throughout, but hate to waste so much paper? No problem! A Buddha Board is a canvas that allows you to draw or write with water. When the water dries the canvas is blank again. Just don’t jot down any important notes on there and forget about them – especially on a hot day!

A Rubik’s Cube

An oldschool fidget toy that never goes out of fashion. A Rubik’s cube will keep your hands busy and your mind active. It’s the perfect fidget toy to grapple with for fie minutes before getting back to work. The only thing is, it might cause more stress than it relieves when you get close to solving it! A less colouful alternative might be an infinity fidget cube. It’s a monotone cube that can be folded, twisted and generally fiddled with.

A titanium spinning top

This is another stylish twist on a classic. Spinning tops have been around for years, but a carefully crafted titanium one will look better on your desk that its plastic counterpart you often get in Christmas crackers. Challenge yourself to beat spinning records and keep it going for as long as you. Can you make it last a whole Zoom call? (Off camera, of course.)

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