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Ultimate Gaming Room

How To: Tips For Creating The Ultimate Gaming Room

Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we come across many uses for our outdoor buildings but one that is on the increase is the gaming room. Online gaming has really grown in popularity and we have seen this in the form of games that allow the users to connect to others, play together and talk to one another with one of the most successful being Fortnite. These games speak to users of all ages and helped a lot of people through the lonely months we faced during lockdown periods. Now that we are back to normality, those games have stuck around and so there is more demand for a dedicated gaming space within the home… But what if your home isn’t quite big enough or doesn’t have the room for this new hobby? That’s where a Garden Room can be a great solution for creating the ultimate gaming room.

All The Space

The biggest bonus of having a Garden Room as your gaming room is that you will have all the space you will need. You will have an entire room in which to house all you need:

Gamers Chair

Since you’ll be spending a lot of your time sitting in your gaming chair, it’s important to choose a chair that is well-suited to your specifications and comfort needs. A large chair with cushioning, adjustable height and headrest are all crucial and with so many available on the market today you are spoiled for choice… and with this space, you can choose whichever size and shape you fancy.

Gaming Desk

You’ll want to choose a large desk with a broad, flat surface that can comfortably accommodate all of your monitors, keyboard, mouse and other essential accessories. It can also be helpful to choose a gaming desk with storage shelves or drawers below for easy and organised storage.

Gaming Monitors

That large desk needs to hold something and having a great selection of gaming monitors is a must, isn’t it? Just make sure you set them up to eye level in order to prevent neck strain.

Wall Storage

If you love to collect games from over the years or if you also love a Nintendo Switch, old-school handheld games like a Gameboy or MegaDrive then you’ll want to display these for all to see. With a Garden Room, you’ll have ample wall space in which to install some fantastic storage for all of your gaming accessories.

the ultimate gaming room

Fun Additions

To make this an ultimate gaming room don’t forget to think about adding LED lighting, some funky bean bags, a mini fridge, a sound system and retro posters.

Warm and Quiet

All of our buildings at Modern Garden Rooms are fully insulated which will allow you to enjoy your video games all year round without ever feeling a chill. On top of this, our rooms can also be soundproofed which will give you all of the uninterrupted hours of gaming you will need.

No Disturbing Others

Moving your gaming equipment out of the house and into a Garden Room will help to free up space within your home, help to eliminate any rifts caused by your hobby and allow the atmosphere to be more positive again. You won’t be disturbing anybody else and vice versa.

Back To Yours!

Taking all of the above into account your friends are going to make your ultimate gaming room THE place to be. This will be the perfect spot for socialising and catching up with mates -old and new. As well as hosting the biggest gaming nights of the year!

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