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Five Different Ways to Use Your Small Garden Room

No matter how small your garden is, we can find a garden room to still suit your needs. You definitely do not need a huge outdoor space to benefit from this home extension and a small garden room will not dominate the area you have. By working with your needs and garden specifications you can enjoy a garden room and how you use it is completely up to you but here are a few popular ideas from us to get your inspiration started.

Home Office

With the majority of people still working from home due to lockdown measures and with many more now deciding that work at home is far more flexible and beneficial, the rise in the demand for home offices has soared. A garden room makes the perfect place to carry out your work as it is private, quieter than the house, it gives you adequate space and you can leave your work behind every day. Having a smaller garden may put you off having a home office built in it but really most people only need enough space for a desk, filing cabinets, perhaps a toilet and this is enough to make their working day feel comfortable and productive. Garden rooms can easily slot into a corner, at the end of a garden or to the side and will tie in nicely with your home. Having your workspace away from your family space can be far better for everybody.

Yoga Room

Much the same as above, if you love yoga yet have a noisy household or inadequate floor space in which to enjoy this hobby comfortably, a garden room can provide all you need. As long as you have enough room for your mat, possibly a seat or beanbag and a place to keep your equipment, a small garden room can make the ideal mini yoga studio that you can escape to whenever you want to.

small garden room yoga studio

Play Room

Hands up if your home is overrun by toys! Yep, I think most of us can agree that we currently have toys strewn across our living room right at this moment and with storage space lacking in most modern UK homes, there are a lot of parents looking for clever solutions. As much as we all love an Ikea Kallax unit, they aren’t always the most attractive item of furniture to keep in your living room or dining room. A small garden room could be the perfect solution. With built-in cupboards, a table for arts and crafts, playmats on the floor and easy access out into the garden, this could work for a wide range of garden sizes.

Games Room

Whether you are the gamer or your teenager is, the equipment that comes with it plus the household distractions could all be solved by having a small garden room installed. Teenage dens have become a very popular addition to the family household and it’s not hard to see why. Friends can easily pop over, they can make as much noise as they please, your house isn’t full of teens and the mess can be kept in one place.

If you prefer other games such as board games or arcade games, these too could be housed in a small garden room and provide a place that’ll bring hours of fun to the family.

Reading Nook

A cosy reading nook is the dream for avid readers but if you have a busy household, young children, noisy neighbours or too many distractions (namely chores looking at you!) it can be difficult to switch off and sink into that good read. A small garden room could provide you with a comfy place to retreat to with a bookcase for all of your books, a chair or beanbag to chill out on, peace and quiet plus a lovely view. The great thing here is that a smaller garden room is a far better fit for this use over a big garden room because you only need enough space for you to sit or lay down with a book in your hand. Nothing else is needed here, simplicity at its best.

For many more ideas on ways to use a small garden room why not take a look at our other blogs or drop us a line today?

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