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use your summerhouse in winter

Five Ways You Can Use Your Summerhouse In The Winter

Don’t be fooled by the name. As long as you have a fully insulated summerhouse with double glazing, electricity and heating, you can most definitely use it all year round… Not just during the summer! So let’s take a look at how to use your summerhouse in the winter.

Garden Office

This is probably the most popular and logical use for your summerhouse. Since more of us are working from home either full-time or part-time, it makes far more sense to keep your place of work separate from the house and a garden room or summerhouse is the ideal location. You will have plenty of privacy, quiet, zero distractions and can remain professional whilst still being comfortable on your own home premises.

Home Gym

Those early mornings in winter at -2 can make it very tricky to get to the gym. The frozen car, the motivation, driving in the dark. But why drive at all when you can have your very own gym at home? A summerhouse makes a great gym studio as you can personalise it by only buying the equipment you use and love, you can create the perfect workout space for your choice of exercises and being just a quick walk from the house, you will save yourself a lot of time. And if you are worried about using the summerhouse in the winter, you could always set a timer on your heater so the room is lovely and toasty when you step inside – but it shouldn’t be long before you work up a sweat!

summerhouse in winter

Summerhouse Winter Chill-Out Zone

If all of that activity is just a tad too much for you, why not set your summerhouse up as a winter chill-out zone instead? The winter makes the best time for putting all of your hygge knowledge and furnishings to use. Think cosy corners, wood burners, hot chocolate stations, candles and cushions, reading nooks and meditation. Ahh, bliss.

Birdwatching House

You may think that birdwatching is non-existent in the winter but give it a go and you may well be surprised. At this time of year, it is far more tricky for birds to source food so you should see a little more activity going into that search, you may see some unusual behaviours and if you place food out in your garden you may well be amazed by the number of visitors you will get.

Kids Playroom

It is tough to get everyone out of the house in the winter, we get it, it’s far nicer to stay indoors warm and cosy in front of the TV. However, as a parent, you probably feel the need to encourage your children to venture out or to try new activities and this is where a winter summerhouse can come in. Why not change the use of the summerhouse into a playroom for the kids? That way you will be getting out of the house and into new surroundings. You could set up play sections, a reading area, an art corner and even a mini yoga studio to keep them active and stimulated. The great thing about having this building in the garden is that it interlinks the two so your kids could go outside to explore and play and come in to get warm when they are ready. Another lovely activity to do as a family is to investigate bugs and nature in the garden and come inside to talk about your discoveries, create art around it and maybe even use a microscope to study their findings.

So, as you can see a summerhouse can be just as much fun in the winter as it is in the summer.

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