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Use Your Garden Room as a Potting Shed

Tips For How to Use Your Garden Room as a Potting Shed

If you are a keen gardener and like to grow your own fruit and veg then you’ll fully understand the benefits of having a potting shed in your garden. The downside to these is that they can become pretty chilly and drafty during the winter months and then a bit stuffy in the warmer months so how can you get around these problems? How about by using a Garden Room as potting shed instead?

All year Round Use

So why a Garden Room? Simply because you will be able to stay warm and dry in the winter and cooler in the summer. You will be comfortable all year round without the need for regular breaks to say warm-up, the use of gloves, the need for a breather from the heat. A garden room is built to a high spec using insulation, good quality roof tiles, wonderful bi-fold doors and double-glazed windows and with the added bonus of a heater plus lighting. You will have all you need along with the space to create a fantastic potting shed.

What Will You Need In Order To Use Your Garden Room As A Potting Shed?

A Table

With the space provided inside a Modern Garden Room you will be able to fit in all the tables you require for a potting shed for potting up, thinning your seedlings, organising your plants, creating drawn plans for your garden space and reading up on your chosen flowers/plants.

Pot Storage

As the name says, you are going to need pots and probably lots of them so one of the most beneficial additions for your garden room will be a large storage shelf area for your pots to sit on. This will allow you to keep them in good condition when not in use and keep everything to hand for when you need to quickly grab the next one.

Soil Bin

You will of course also need your soil to hand and using bins under your potting tables is the best way of keeping it tidy and organised but also perfect for accessibility.

Use Your Garden Room as a Potting Shed

Tool Wall

With ample space, you will be lucky enough to be able to install a hanging wall for all of your required tools.

Seed Wall Storage Unit

Anybody who loves to grow their own fruit and veg always has a lot of packets of seeds but how do you store these safely? One great way is to add a wall storage unit in your garden room potting shed that you can label and add baskets to in which to place your seeds. This will prevent them from getting damp and will help you to see what you have in stock.


All avid gardeners have a great book collection, don’t they? And maybe they are taking up a little too much space inside the house? Fear not because a clear-out isn’t what you need, it’s simply just a bookshelf inside your new potting shed where they can take pride and place.


Your seeds and seedlings will need a lot of light and sun to get them off to a good start and with plenty of natural light coming through those windows and doors you will be able to provide them with the best conditions.

Chill Out Space

And finally, we all need a space in which to sit and look over our garden so make sure you add a comfy chair with a coffee table and create a little tea station so you can sit back, have a hot drink and enjoy looking at the fruits of your labour.

Modern Garden Rooms

If a Modern Garden Room sounds ideal to be your potting shed why not get in contact with us today?

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