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How To Create A Warm And Cosy Feel In Your Garden Room

With the change in the weather you may be thinking that your garden room is now out of bounds? Think again! All modern garden rooms come fully insulated, with double glazed windows, draft proof materials as well as heaters which means all you now have to think about is how you can update your decor to create a warm and cosy feel in your garden room for the winter months.

Warm Lighting

In the summer months, you can rely on the natural light so much more than in the winter. You may have bright overhead lights but these can be quite trying on your eyes over the hours and if you are using your garden room for relaxation, for watching films and so on, you will want something warm and soft. Try adding some tall lamps into the corners of the room, add some table lamps and maybe have a dimmer switch installed if possible? This will provide your room with a warm glow rather than a dazzling brightness.

Invest In Woodburning Stove

It is completely doable to have extras added to your garden room just as you would do in your home and a woodburning stove is a great way to create a warm and cosy feel. If you don’t want to go the whole hog with a real fire, you can also purchase electric versions which give a similar effect but without the need for fiddling around with wood, paper or firelighters. Imagine curling up next to this with a good book on a dark evening… Bliss!

How To Create A Warm And Cosy Feel In Your Garden Room

A Cosy Corner

Clear one corner of your room to create a cosy area where you can snuggle, read, drink your cocoa and just relax in. Think about adding a variety of sizes of cushions, throws, a rug and a small table to hold a lamp. This will be an inviting space and one you can truly enjoy.

Thick Piled Rug

Whether you have laminate or natural wood flooring, it can be a little stark when the winter sets in. A nice thick pile rug can be just the answer.

There’s nothing cosier than walking bare foot across a thick piled rug and feeling that softness and warmth under your toes. Switch out your thinner one from summer and add either one large rug or layer several to make an attractive centrepiece. Not only will it make your garden room more cosy, it will also look lovely and give your room a touch of Hygge.

Fairy Lights

You may have had fairy lights outside for the summer months but now the winter is here why not bring them inside to create a warm atmosphere in your garden room? They also add a little festive cheer and can make any room look pretty in a flash.

Wax Melts and Candles

Your room can not only look warm and cosy but it can also smell like it too. It’s funny how we associate certain scents with particular seasons or events in the year and this is a clever way of making a room feel far more atmospheric. In the winter you will want warm spice smells, pine cones, pumpkin spice, cranberry and the perfect way of achieving this is by using wax melts which slowly melt away to provide a wonderful aroma. Add some candles for a warm glow and you will have a garden room that you will want to spend hours and hours inside.

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