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What can your Modern Garden Room do for you?

Our Canopy Modern Garden Room

A Canopy room is the perfect space for blending home comforts with the beauty of nature – the
glass façade allows you to gaze out onto the landscape, whatever the weather, without even having
to go outside.

The beauty of the Canopy room is that it can be customised to exactly what you want. This
versatility gives it a plethora of uses. The space is particularly ideal for use as a welcoming family or
entertaining room, as the canopy gives it a degree of privacy without blocking out any extra light.
The Canopy could also be used as a convenient home office, meaning just a short walk down the
garden to your workplace. Working in a Modern Garden Room allows you to escape any noise and
stress from the home, ensuring a productive environment that enables you to be your best.

The decking of the Canopy room is sure to be a hit when the weather warms up. Not only is it the
perfect place to relax, but it’s also the perfect space to host barbecues throughout summer, and the
fitted downlights in the canopy mean that the party doesn’t end when the sun goes down. When it’s
too cold to sit outside, you can still make the most of your Canopy room by curling up by the warmth
of the fire, if you choose to have one – all Modern Garden Rooms are equipped with thermally
efficient insulation, so no matter the weather you will always feel comfortable.

Our Concave Modern Garden Room

The Concave room is ideal for those who want added privacy, but all the features of a Canopy room.
The Concave includes a canopy with fitted downlights to allow you to appreciate the outdoors as
well as in whatever the time of day, and decking enclosed on all sides to provide you with a tranquil
space in which to create and chill out in peace.

For a home office, the Concave is a great choice as it minimises distractions, yet allows natural light
into the room to create a sense of calm, an optimal atmosphere in which to work.

Our Cube Modern Garden Room

With the Cube room, you can custom as you wish, choosing an optional 1m decking area if
integrating an outside lounging space is of interest to you. Whether or not you choose to add this
feature, the Cube room works fantastically as an outdoor living room, or as a place in which you can
let your creativity flow. The Cube room’s unique gift is that it allows maximum natural light into the
room, giving an airy and inspired feel.

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