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what to put in a summerhouse

What to Put in a Summer House

It can be difficult to know what to put in a summer house. Summer house furniture has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, as have summer houses themselves. A lot of people will opt for a summer house these days, to create an extra room for their home – be it an office, a playroom, or an extra sitting room. The summer house has become the new trendy way to adapt your home, and let the interior designer in you run wild. 

Once you’ve decided what you want your new summer house to be, it’s time to decide what to put inside! A really common use for a summer house is to set it up as an extra sitting room, making it the perfect place to kick back and relax. This is really popular with parents, because it gives them a little room just for them (or works well as a place for teens to unwind).

What to Put in a Summer House

Building a summer house from the bottom up is a really exciting project. You get to choose the size, the number of windows, they type of door – everything is decided by you! That’s why it can be quite daunting when it comes to deciding what to put in a summer house. This practical guide will help you plan the contents of your summer house to help it become the ultimate relaxing retreat.

The Basics for Your Summer House

If you’re having a summer house build to your specifications, there are a few things that should be on your list. Since modern summer houses are insulated, adding heating is essential. It means that you can use your summer house all year round – even in those chilly months!

Another thing to remember is not to underestimate how many power outlets you’ll need. You may think you only need to plug in a TV and a games console, but as soon as you introduce a lamp and want to charge your phone, you’ll be cursing your lack of plug sockets! Always err on the side of caution and have a few extra power outlets fitted.

coffee table - what to put in a summer house

What Tech?

To save on space, it might be worth mounting a flat screen TV to one of the walls. It’s best to go for the best Smart TV you can afford at the time, with the view of it lasting a long time. WiFi from the main house should reach your garden sitting room, making it possible to stream your favourite shows and catch up on the ones you’ve missed. You could also set up a games console for added entertainment, get a Smart Speaker for when you want to listen to your music collection.

What Furniture to Buy

Depending on available space, a comfy sofa (and maybe a chair) is a must. If all you’re planning on doing is watching TV in your garden sitting room, it doesn’t matter if your sofa takes up most of the floor space. A stylish coffee table will be handy if you like to snuggle up with a hot chocolate in the evening. It’ll also provide a place to keep the TV remote constantly in your eyeliner (which is perfect if you normally constantly misplace it).

Finishing Touches

To give your sitting room a ‘homely’ feel, add a few interior accessories. A bright rug can make a room come together (and can feel lovely on your feet). Blinds tend to gather less dust than curtains, but can make your windows look equally dressed. Indoor plants are a nice idea if you can keep them alive, but if you can’t, realistic fake plants can make the room look welcoming.

Hopefully after reading this article, deciding what to put in your new summer house seems a little less daunting and you feel ready to add your own personal stamp.

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