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What To Put In A Summerhouse

So, your new garden build is complete and your brand new summer house has taken pride and place which means your attention has now turned to furnishing it. There are so many ideas you could go with so we thought we’d give you a helping hand so here are our tips on what to put in a summerhouse.


Your summerhouse is a place to retreat to, somewhere for you to relax and unwind in and to enjoy the view of your garden. This means that a comfortable chair or sofa are a must for your new building. You may also want to consider a small table and chairs for friends, a coffee table and a footstool.

Soft Furnishings

To really make this area warm, cosy and inviting, add a large rug, cushions and a throw to snuggle up in. This room should be homely and be a place you will be dying to run out to each day. Those soft furnishings will make all the difference.

sofa - What To Put In A Summerhouse


In order to really utilise the natural light that is available to you, be clever about what mirrors you pick and where you place them. You may initially be drawn to purchasing one large mirror but perhaps you should consider several on a wall, placed closely together? Vintage mirrors look fantastic grouped and getting ones in a variety of sizes and shapes will also create a fabulous focal point as well as helping to reflect more light around your summerhouse. And don’t rule out a standing full-length mirror as this can be moved around the room as the sun moves and the light changes. Mirrors can really transform a room if used in the right way.


We are often tied up with what plants we should have in our garden but what about ones that could bring your garden into your garden room? But, I’m sure you are thinking what to put in a summerhouse? You may want to do a little research around this as it will depend on where you have placed your summerhouse, how much sun it will be getting and how hot and cold it will be throughout the year. If you have chosen a sunny spot, your best bet would be to pick almost tropical plants. Think those that you may find in a greenhouse, in a tropical plant enclosure, fruit plants, anything that loves the sun and doesn’t fry from too much of it. Examples include Ivy, Peace Lily, Lemon Tree, Grapes, ferns and Hostas. 

If you are looking for a more cottage look you could use your summerhouse as a place to start growing Roses, Lavender, Pansies etc and then move them out to the garden in the summer and back inside for the winter.

Alternatively, if you are really unsure of what to put in a summerhouse just go for artificial plants, that way you know you will have all year greenery without the worry of watering or killing them!

What To Put In A Summerhouse - plants


In order to maximise on all of your space, add shelving to the walls for your plants, your trinkets, a drinks area, ornaments and so on. You could be creative with them and upcycle some reclaimed wood to give a real rustic feel. You could sand it down and varnish it for a natural look or perhaps paint it in vibrant colours to make them really stand out. Think carefully about how you could stagger them, what sizes would work and have a play around before settling on your first idea. You want it to look balanced, especially if you are adding mirrors, be aware that too much can be overbearing in a smaller space.


Whenever I think about what to put in a summerhouse bunting comes immediately to mind every single time. It just makes the room feel fun and bright and quaint, doesn’t it? If you are crafty, it makes a fun activity to do to sew some yourself but if not, there are plenty of designs available and I’m sure that if you have a theme you will easily be able to tie this in. 

Think Outside Of The Box

When hunting for inspiration for what to put in a summerhouse I came across some really fantastic ideas that were really outside of the box. For example:

  • Printed potato sacks on the wall
  • A ‘tree’ made from a large branch covered in fairy lights
  • Deckchairs
  • An old bike as decoration with lavender planted in the basket
  • A driftwood table
  • A swinging chair attached at the ceiling
  • A hammock
  • A woodburner
  • Reclaimed bricks to create a fireplace or bookcase etc.

There is so much fun to be had here and we really hope that some of our ideas have sparked some inspiration in you. 

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