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Why An Insulated Garden Office Is A Purchase You’ll Never Regret

Whether you work from home a few days a week or 100% of the time, it is very tempting to get your own office space. An insulated garden office offers so many benefits, that you’ll wish you got one sooner!

You can add more space to your home

Not everyone wants to give up space in their home for a workspace. Although often modern houses come with a small ‘office’ room, it’s not uncommon for offices to take the place of bedrooms or living areas. If you’re short on living space then it’s a relatively cheap and easy way to create more.

An insulated garden office gives you privacy

If you’ve work that’s important or confidential, working from the home isn’t always the best solution. If you have children running around, it can be very hard to conduct business calls and meetings.

An office in the garden will keep all the noise and potential interruptions away and you can keep your files locked away safely.

workspaces in the garden: Why An Insulated Garden Office Is A Purchase You'll Never Regret

It will help your productivity

There are loads of different schools of thought about increasing productivity but having a dedicated insulated garden office, free from distraction and distanced from all the housework and jobs you need to do, can help you to really apply yourself.

Plus, the surroundings of the garden, with trees and flowers, are all good for boosting productivity too.

It adds value to your home

Since the pandemic caused a huge increase in people working from home, many people are looking specifically for houses which have office space and are therefore willing to pay more for a house where there is already an office in place. It could make your house more saleable, or even sell for more money, as the usable square footage will be increased.

If it’s insulated, you can use the office all year round

Unlike some garden offices, a properly insulated garden office will stay warm once heated so it can be used in winter, as well as when it’s warmer outside.

You can save money!

An insulated garden office is a big initial outlay, but it could save you money on an ongoing basis. Obviously you won’t have the expensive commute to pay for, and all the associated costs of working out of the home. In comparison with using a room in the house, why would you heat a whole house when you can decamp to the office instead?

Plus there are various ways that you can claim tax relief on a garden office used for work purposes; speak to your accountant to see what you are able to claim for.

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