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wi-fi in garden office

Working From Home: Will My Wi-Fi Work In My Garden Office?

If you are looking to use your garden room as a place of work then one very important factor will be to have Wi-Fi and a good connection at that! If the position of your new building is fairly close to your house, you may be lucky enough to pick up a decent signal and be able to simply run from the router inside your home but this may not always be the case. So, how else can you ensure that you get Wi-Fi to work in your garden office?

Wi-Fi Extenders

A Wi-Fi extender does exactly what you’d imagine – It extends the reach of your home Wi-Fi to areas in which you need them, like a new garden office for instance. You may also find you need one if you have a very large house, thick walls or known Wi-Fi blackspots. They work by simply plugging them into the mains and amplifying your existing Wi-Fi signal. For your garden room to receive the best coverage we would recommend that you plug the extender into a power point that is closest to your garden in order to reach the whole area.

Mesh Network

If Wi-Fi extenders won’t be quite enough for reaching your garden office then your next option to consider is a mesh network. These are similar to your extenders but are slightly more powerful so should give a better signal across your home and garden.

So how does a mesh network work? Basically is it a group of devices that act as a single Wi-Fi network. So, instead of boosting a signal from a single router in your home, they all act as additional sources that communicate with one another to give you the signal you require.

wi-fi in garden office

Ethernet Cable

Our last Wi-Fi option and probably the most effective one is to have an ethernet cable from your home to your garden room. Ideally, you should run the internet cable and the electrical one at the same time during garden room construction, this way you will be saving on additional costs and disruption. The internet cable would need to be light, heat and moisture protected so you need to ensure that you find a reputable company that knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to this side of the job. Once the cable has been installed you will have two new internet sockets: one inside your house and one inside your garden office. All you do then is connect the two and you should have amazing Wi-Fi signal all over the house and outdoor space including your garden office.

Having a strong Wi-Fi signal in your garden office means that you will still be able to work at the same pace, with the same professionalism (no dropping out of zoom calls due to breaks in signal) and will allow you to use it in whatever ways you need over the years.

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