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Wooden BBQ Hut Alternatives for Avid Grillers

Wooden BBQ Hut Alternatives for Avid Grillers

A wooden BBQ hut might seem like the perfect addition to you garden. If you love to grill and can’t get enough of eating barbecue food, then it might be time to explore your barbecue options.

Wooden BBQ huts are a common choice in the grilling community. After all, they seem like a simple structure to assemble and don’t require planning permission most of the time. The only negative point is, that they can take up a lot of space in a garden, and they only really have one function – to barbecue!

What is a Wooden BBQ Hut?

A wooden BBQ hut is exactly what is sounds like – a wooden structure designed to barbecue in! It is usually a purpose built hut with a BBQ right in the centre. These are specialist huts designed to have the correct ventilation for barbecuing indoors. They will usually have a type of hood with an inbuilt chimney or extractor to ensure the burning BBQ doesn’t use up all of the oxgyen. As it’s a room designed to barbecue in, it does mean you can use it all year round, but be prepared to smell like you’ve just come off the grill yourself!

Wooden BBQ Hut Alternatives

If you’re interested in barbecuing all year round but would prefer to protect you and your guest’s clothes from the cooking smell, you might want to consider some of the options below.

BBQ canopy with gazebo

If you’re a season BBQ pro, it’s likely you already have a top notch grill. It might be that you don’t want to replace that when you upgrade your garden, so adding a canopy might be a better option for you. A canopy will mean you can keep the cooking outdoors, but won’t be affected by rain (or snow!) during your year-round barbecue sessions.

Investing in a gazebo for you and your guests to eat in is also a great idea. It means you can enjoy time in the garden whilst being protected from the elements while you eat. 

Wooden BBQ Hut Alternatives for Avid Grillers

Concave garden room beside a roofed BBQ

Rather than barbecuing indoors, have the best of both worlds with a garden room. The concave style garden room complements an outdoor grill well. If you have a fixed barbecue built into your garden, it’s a great idea to expand on the building work and create a roof. That way it protects the grill (and the griller) without creating a smokey atmosphere indoors. A standalone garden room makes a lovely place to consume the fruits of your grilling labour. You could even set up a small salad bar inside your garden room for your guests to enjoy with their barbecued meal.

Veranda with a garden canopy

For a social griller who loves to chat while they’re barbecuing, a more open plan solution might be an option. A veranda with a garden canopy allows you to be outside and sheltered all at once. An outdoor heater teamed up with the heat from the barbecue should keep everyone warm in all weathers.

This set up allows the chef to stand at the barbecue whilst chatting to the guests. It’s also one of the cheaper options for enjoying barbecues all year round as it doesn’t involve extensive building work and you’ll be able to use the barbecue you already own and love.

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