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Wooden Garden Additions to Create a Rustic Outdoor Paradise

Wooden garden themes have always been popular, but the latest rustic trend has skyrocketed the popularity of wood in your outdoor space. Wood has often been the go-to material for many garden owners. Its easy to understand why – it’s very versatile and always looks great.

Styling a wooden themed garden can be done on a budget, which probably contributes to its popularity. DIY lovers can craft seating or décor from scrap bits of wood they pick up. Wood tends to last well too, meaning if you’re hoping to save money, it’s easy enough to pick up something second hand. Online sites like Gumtree or even Facebook marketplace are great places to pick up a bargain.

Whether you choose to go all out and buy everything at once, or gradually collect items for your perfect wooden garden theme, this list will help you plan the finishing touches.

Rustic Wooden Garden Ideas

The ideal starting point for garden makeover is a blank canvas, but most people aren’t lucky enough to start from scratch. This list will help you add a rustic touch to a garden, whatever your starting point.

Add wood around the edges

To pull together the wooden garden look, you’ll need wood in lots of places. If your garden has a wooden fence, you’re already halfway there! Gardens with walls all the round can still be salvaged without a big spend. Instead of replacing or adding fencing, invest in some trellises to attach to walls. Honeysuckle looks beautiful climbing a trellis and adds to that rustic country finish.

Wooden planters also make for a great way to add wood to the borders of your garden. Plant brightly coloured flowers to create a vibrant display.

Wooden Garden Additions to Create a Rustic Outdoor Paradise

Invest in wooden garden furniture

Whether you buy brand new or second hand, wooden garden furniture is a great investment. Providing you take proper care of it, it can last years and continue to look good. When going for a rustic look, aged furniture complements the style. Preserve this appearance by coating with oil. Certain wood needs specific oils, but hardwood oil can work for most.

Build decking

Gardens with plenty of space can be broken up with decking. Most people attach decking to the back of their house so they can walk out directly onto it, but this isn’t something you need to do. Some people follow the sun with their decking and build it at the back of their garden or on one side. There are no rules when it comes to decking, so take some time to decide where it would look best.

Add a wooden garden room

A garden room can be a great way to add space for entertaining guests. If you love to be out in your garden, then a garden room is an ideal addition to your property. Whether you opt for a cheap little wooden summer house you’ve found on Facebook Marketplace or have a bespoke garden office made, it’ll look great and get a lot of use.

Get wooden accessories

For the final finishing touches, wooden accessories will complete the rustic look. A bird table is a lovely way to decorate the garden and attract wildlife. A garden arch surrounded by flowers is also beautiful to look at. 

Once you’ve got your garden looking how you like it, remember to keep on top of oiling the wood as it ages.

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