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Wooden Garden Buildings: 5 Ways to Use Yours When You’re a Parent

Wooden garden buildings make it onto many parents’ wish lists. After all, who wouldn’t want a separate room at the bottom of their garden to keep all their kids toys in? Wooden garden buildings are usually insulated, meaning that even during winter, they’re still a cosy place to play.

5 Fun Uses for Wooden Garden Buildings When You’re a Parent

With the rising trend of giving children a more outdoorsy and rustic childhood, having a wooden building in your garden fits perfectly with that lifestyle. An outdoor playroom provides the best of both worlds for your children. It encourages outdoor play, whilst providing shelter and storage for the kids and their toys.

Wooden garden buildings are a great place for mini artists

wooden garden buildings: Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom

Allow your children to get their creative juices flowing by turning your garden playroom into a mini art studio. On sunny days you can let paint and glue dry in the fresh air. A garden playroom is even handy to have on rainy days because it means all glitter can be confined to the summer house (and not trodden into the carpet).

Having fun with jigsaws

If you use your wooden garden building as both a playroom and space for storage, you’re bound to have some jigsaws stowed away. The good about jigsaws is that they can be done anywhere that has a big enough flat surface. For smaller children, buy the large floor jigsaws and put them together on the grass outside. Older children can cope with smaller pieces and more difficult designs, so let them use the floor of your garden playroom to complete their jigsaws.

 A wooden toy den in your garden 

playroom in a wooden garden building

What better place to celebrate your family’s love of wooden toys than in a wooden garden building? Expand your wooden toy collection and kit out your playroom with wall-to-wall wooden toys. A wooden kitchen is a classic, but why should you stop there? You could go for a wooden shop set up, a wooden school set and even a wooden doll’s house for a spot of small-world play. There is something very pure and wholesome about having a wooden den filled with wooden toys for your kids.

A games room

Fewer and fewer kids are playing the traditional board games these days. You could turn your summer house into a board game and table-top game haven. Invest in a mix of old and new games to keep the children entertained. Oldschool games like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit are a must (even if you have to go for the junior versions), while Pie Face and Guess Who have become modern classics. Playing anything that involves talking and turn-taking helps your children develop valuable life skills.

A home cinema

eating popcorn in wooden garden buildings

Pull down the blinds, bagsy a bean bag and grab a bowl of popcorn, nothing is more fun than turning your summer house into a cinema. Whether you’re watching a big TV or projecting the film onto a plain wall, watching a film as a family is a lovely way to stay entertained without spending a fortune. You don’t need to splash out on fancy tech to get the cinema experience, and with so many streaming services available, the hardest part is going to be getting everyone to agree on which film to watch!

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