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Security Tips for Keeping Wooden Garden Cabins Safe

Security Tips for Keeping Wooden Garden Cabins Safe

Wooden garden cabins can be a target for break-ins. It’s uncertain why, but it could be because they are a separate entity to the main property. A thief may be concerned about being heard and apprehended which could make them believe that it’s less likely to happen if they target a garden cabin.

With garden cabins being situated a short distance away from the main house, you might not hear any suspicious sounds. Providing you take some sensible steps to secure your cabin, the risk of break-ins will be minimal.

Security Tips for Wooden Garden Cabins

Security doesn’t have to be expensive. Although advancements in technology have created handy gadgets to help you out, there are cheap and free solutions too. Below is a rundown of how best to secure wooden garden cabins.

Wooden garden cabins have locks – use them!

One of the most simple security hacks is to keep your outdoor room locked. If you work from home and tend to wander over to the main house, it might be tempting to keep the doors to both unlocked. While this might be a convenient option, it’s not very safe. If you forget and nip out, it leaves the building vulnerable.

Get into the habit of locking up as you go back and forth. This will make it harder to make a mistake and leave any doors unlocked.

Don’t leave valuables on display

While it would be a bad idea to lug TVs and computers into your house every night, ensuring no one can easily see them is still a good idea. If you have lots of electrical equipment in your cabin, it might be difficult to conceal individual items. One solution for this is to have blinds fitted. Closing the blind each night or when you go out will conceal the contents of the garden room and stop a thief from ‘window shopping’.

Security Tips for Keeping Wooden Garden Cabins Safe

Install security cameras

What was once an expensive security solution is now much more affordable and accessible. The good thing about installing security cameras is that their presence alone should be a deterrent. If by some chance a prospective thief doesn’t spot the cameras, or decides to break in anyway, capturing a video of them doing so makes it easier to identify them. 

Install a security light

Adding a security light to your garden should help protect both the door to your house and the door to your garden room. It’s unlikely an intruder will want to try their luck when a spotlight is on them. A security light will also help homeowners see what’s happening in their garden at night. If they hear any suspicious noises, having the garden bathed in light can help them identify the culprit. More often than not, it’s a cheeky fox or a hungry hedgehog that’s causing the light to come on.

Could your fence be taller?

A tall fence is hard to scale. It makes it difficult for someone coming from anywhere besides the traditional entrances to get in. Some properties stipulate fence or wall height, if this applies to you, go for the tallest option you’re permitted to. If it’s hard to get into your garden, it’ll be even harder to get into your garden room.

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