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Wooden Garden Features for a Relaxing Outdoor Space

Adding a wooden garden feature to your outdoor space can transform it into a place to relax. When faced with a completely untouched garden, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making it more welcoming.

Newbuild properties will often have a ‘blank canvas’ garden, plenty of older houses do too. Perhaps you got a bargain with an overgrown garden and need to start from scratch. Maybe you’re fed up with living alongside someone else’s tastes. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change your garden, consider creating a relaxing outdoor space with some wooden garden features.

Which wooden garden feature will best suit your property?

Choosing how to improve your garden will largely come down to a combination of space and cost. If the free space in the garden is limited, then you might have to rethink any grand ideas. Thankfully, there is something out there for a garden and budget of any size.

Below are some suggestions:

A wooden garden room

Having a wooden garden room built will create the perfect place to relax. Garden rooms have so many uses that you don’t even need a clear idea of what you’ll do in there before it has been assembled. Turn it into an outdoor sitting room, a gaming room, a summer house or even a bar. A garden room is the perfect place to sit back and relax, whatever you choose to use it for.


A hot tub with a wooden shelter

What could be more relaxing than submerging yourself in hot, bubbly water? You’re right – probably nothing. There’s a reason hot tubs are so popular, and that reason is relaxation. Having a wooden shelter built to house your hot tub means you can use it all year round. Just remember to bring a towel and a dressing gown out if you plan on using it in the snow. That’s one cold dash back to the house!

A raised wooden garden pond

If you find water calming, consider getting a raised garden pond with a wooden trim. They involve less construction than digging a pond would and they look incredibly stylish. If you have children in your life, a raised pond is harder to accidentally fall into than a ground level pond too.

Turn your pond into an area for reflexion and relaxation by adding a bench. This will mean you can enjoy the water and wildlife without getting tired of standing.

A wooden garden snug

A garden snug is essentially a wooden seat with a high back and a roof. It can be placed anywhere in the garden and is a fantastic solution for those with limited space. Pad the seat out with a cushion and immerse yourself in a good book to provide the perfect relaxing afternoon in your snug.

A beautiful bird table

If you want to improve your garden but have both limited space and budget, consider investing in a wooden bird table. Even the most basic bird tables available are lovely to look at and the birds it will attract will only enhance it. Consider buying a pocket guide to bird species so you can check off each one as you spot it.

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