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Working from home

Will Working From Home Become The New Norm?

With lockdown restrictions looking to be completely lifted very soon, there are some big decisions that companies will have to now make in terms of how a normal working week will look. One thing that the pandemic has shown is that working from home IS possible, it DOES work and productivity isn’t necessarily lost, so do we all go back to the office five days a week or do we take this opportunity and make working from home the new norm?

Working from home benefits: No commute

There will be pros and cons for all the aspects we cover here because final decisions will come down to what suits you but many people find the commute to work stressful, boring, long and that it cuts into too much of their day. Working from home allows you to gain that extra time back which you could use for sleeping in a little longer, getting a workout in, walking the dog or spending more time with the kids before school. Another huge benefit of working from home and ditching that long commute is the impact it can have on the planet. Research has shown that CO2 levels have dropped significantly since home working came into play and if we continued to do this, even if it was part-time, we could reduce the UK’s emissions by up to 127 million tonnes by 2025!

Working from home benefits: No commute

Better Work/Life Balance

By cutting out that lengthy commute and by switching your computer off at say 5pm, you are able to get a far healthier work/life balance. After coming through a tough year, the worry of becoming ill, the stresses and strains, we are all looking for a happier and more fulfilled life. Working from home could provide you with more time for exercise, for self-care, for relaxing, for spending time with friends and family, it is surely the better way to work in the future?

Increased Productivity

With no distractions from office colleagues, flexible working hours coming into the working day due to the fact that you can easily leave and return to your job, productivity hasn’t really been affected by more people working from home. Technology has allowed meetings to continue, zoom has allowed people to stay in contact and being at home or in your home office is more comfortable. If you are fortunate to have the space to accommodate a garden room this has seen productivity improve considerably due to the fact that it is soundproofed, light and airy, away from the house and allows you to carry your work out in a professional manner. The best part has to be the walk home… Across the garden. Working like this is far more satisfying, isn’t it?

More Flexible Working

As mentioned above, making working from home the new norm can also make flexible working possible because it is easy to leave work as you need to and return back to it. Flexible working will allow you to free up childcare, to attend school meetings, get to daytime appointments and work as and when it suits your lifestyle.

Possibly Better Health

Taking all of this into consideration, will working from home lead to better health overall? If we can reduce stress levels, improve self-care, spend more time doing what we love, spend more time with family and juggle life a little less, will life be more rewarding and will this reflect in the UK’s health? It will be interesting to see.

There is a lot to think about and consider here and all of these pointers will come with pros and cons depending on your personal situation but if you think working from home could be better for you, why not go for it permanently?

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