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Here at Modern Garden Rooms we truly believe that having a garden room in your back garden is one of the best things you can do and no, it’s not just because we sell them, it’s because we have seen the benefits first-hand… Repeatedly. Here is how one could improve your lifestyle just as it has done for our previous customers.

Five Tips For Creating Workspaces in The Garden

If you work from home you may often find that the space you have indoors can become a little claustrophobic, a bit noisy, slightly stifling and dull but who says you have to limit yourself to only working inside the house? Have you ever thought about expanding your work area a little further? Here are a few tips on creating workspaces in the garden.

Workspaces in The Garden: The Set-Up

Just because you are moving your office space outdoors it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good set-up like you would in your home office. Think about how you could position yourself, and how your equipment could be set up correctly and be accessible. You could bring tables from inside out with you to gain more surface space and don’t forget your own comfort so grab some cushions, a blanket or a footstool too. Getting the set-up right is so important as it will allow you to continue to be productive whilst enjoying a whole new view.

Hydration Station

Whether you are sitting outside on a hot day or a slightly cooler day you will need to stay hydrated so make sure you have a station nearby where you could set down a jug of water, cans of drink and perhaps even a flask for tea or coffee or a teapot. A nice warm beverage on a cooler day will help to keep you warm as well as refresh you.

workspaces in the garden
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Room with a View

Working from your garden can be extremely therapeutic especially if you have one that is lovely to look at. If you are greeted by mess, plastic toys, a deflated paddling pool, wheelie bins, weeds, dead plants and so on, it may not be quite the office you wanted but by taking a little time to tidy your garden up, clearing some space, planting flowers and creating a stunning outdoor area, you will soon love this office view and will be eager to get outside to it.


No matter where you place yourself when you work from home, there will often be distractions that you will need to overcome. If you find the house phone rings too much, simply unplug it for your working hours. If there are a lot of comings and goings, chat with the other members of your household to see if you can come to some sort of compromise. If your neighbours are a little loud when you are outside, think about using headphones to play some relaxing music to help you to focus. Of course, not all sounds can be dealt with so the next option may be your best solution…

Build a Garden Room

If you love working from home and like the idea of being away from the house but not always in the garden then a garden room is a great option. Built to the same spec as a home, this will provide you with warmth, comfort, space, and privacy as well as keeping those sounds at bay. It is the perfect way to feel as though you have left home for work and at the end of the day you can leave that work behind. A garden room can also be used all year round which means you can utilise workspaces in the garden from spring all the way through to the winter.

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