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Corner Summerhouse

Would Your Garden Benefit From a Corner Summerhouse?

It’s no secret that UK gardens tend to be on the smaller side but by maximising on your given space you can still make the most of every part of it. One popular addition to gardens these days is a summerhouse, especially for those people who work from home or who need an extra room for their house but even if your garden isn’t huge, this can be a possibility if you choose and design a corner summerhouse.

Why a Corner Summerhouse?

The Look

Summerhouses really encompass that traditional English garden feel and for that reason they make a wonderful addition even if you are limited in outdoor space. By carefully utilising the area you can have a pretty cedarwood corner summerhouse fit for any purpose.


Not only does a summerhouse make an aesthetically beautiful feature in your garden but it can also open up a whole new world of opportunities. It could easily become an office for work or perhaps a hobby room, maybe a potting room if you love to garden or a home gym. There are many uses which we have covered in detail previously in our Garden Room blogs and these uses can of course also change over the years as your needs/requirements change.

Home Extension Alternative

For many people, a full home extension either isn’t possible due to the lack of space, time constraints, costs or upheaval and so a simpler yet still very effective way of obtaining extra space on your home is by building a structure like a corner summerhouse. The build won’t impose on your home life, it won’t take as long as an extension would do and it can fit in beautifully with its surroundings.

Adds Value

Recent studies have shown that installing a structure like a corner summerhouse can actually increase your home’s value by around 5-7% making it a great investment for the future too.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

By adding a garden building you will be able to gain the space that you crave and deserve which often reflects positively on your mental and physical wellbeing. When we are trying to work in noisy, busy and distracting environments, it can take a toll not only on your stress levels but also on your relationships with others so having a dedicated place of work can make a huge difference. If your health has taken a bit of a hit due to not getting enough exercise or through mental illness, then a summerhouse acting as a gym, dance studio, yoga studio or place of meditation can have a massive positive impact. Or if life has been a bit too hectic and stressful of late and you just need a space in which to read, to sit and reflect, maybe to paint or draw then, again, a room like this can provide that for you.

Designed to Suit Your Needs

Here at Modern Garden Rooms we will work closely with you before and during the design and build in order to provide you with a corner summerhouse that will meet all of your needs. We can offer a cedarwood finish or a rendered look, we can adapt the style and shape to suit the garden plot, we can discuss the ideal location and how many windows you will need for optimum light and even offer decking options so you can make full use of the outside of the room as well as the inside. If all of this sounds exactly what you are looking for then why not get in touch with us today?

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