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5 Ways A Garden Room Can Benefit Your Business

If you work from home but need a solution for the lack of space, and distractions and are seeking a more professional location then an garden room may well be for you. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits…

A Professional Looking Garden Room

When it comes to working from home, one of the biggest hurdles to cross is ensuring that you still look and feel professional both for your own worth and to your clients or colleagues. Having that space inside the home can be hard to create, but with an executive garden room, you can easily give off that professional air. With plenty of space for your equipment, to hold meetings, in which to conduct interviews and to be wholly organised, a room like this will benefit both you and your business.

5 Ways an Executive Garden Room Can Benefit Your Business

Zero Distractions

A garden room is located away from the main house allowing you to work in peace and quiet with no distractions from others, the house phone, the doorbell and so on. Creating a dedicated workspace is proven to increase productivity as you can put 100% focus into the job at hand and not have other things on your mind.

Reduced Noise

Because all of our executive garden rooms are built to a high spec which includes great quality insulation, you will have a room that is peaceful and noise-free making it the perfect place in which to concentrate, to take part in zoom calls, meet clients and take phone calls. This also works the other way around meaning your neighbours will not be disturbed if you play music or have people over.

Space for Presenting

In a lot of work situations there comes a time when you may have to demonstrate something you have come up with, take part in presentations, lead a talk, give company projections and so on. Doing this from the house can be tricky if you lack the space, don’t have room to hang a chart or projector or if you don’t have the appropriate background to give a professional feel. A garden room can provide all of these allowing you to effortlessly carry out the task at hand without feeling flustered or concerned about how it may appear. With ample space, no distractions and a quiet atmosphere, an executive garden room will provide you with a recipe for success!


If your business currently involves you renting out office space, a fitness studio or paying a fee to a gym in which to meet clients, an executive garden room will end up saving you money in the long term. This is an investment but once it is paid off, your business will also pay off. No more location overheads and a fantastic space in which to work from that you can adapt to all of your needs.

building a garden room as a holiday let

Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Garden Room

When you invest in a new build like a garden room, you really want to make the most of it in order to get your money’s worth. Most people choose just one function for their garden room but to really make the best use of it, how about considering a few of these ideas instead?

Day Office to Night Bar

If you need a home office then a garden room is perfect for this but to get the most out of it, why not transform it at night into a home bar? But how do you go about this? Planning your space is key here. Decide on the area that you’ll require for a desk, printer, scanner and so on and create this office space as a compact section that can be cleverly packed away into a cupboard when not in use. This will help to protect your work and equipment whilst you use your garden room as a bar and it will also help to forget about work when you want to unwind and enjoy yourself.

For the bar, this could be hidden away during the day inside a large cabinet and pull out in the evening for entertainment purposes. Other really simple additions could be dimmer switches to go from office lights to low-level lights, a music system for calming sounds in the day and fun tunes at night and don’t forget to add some comfy seats or a small sofa for your guests to relax on. By carefully thinking about what both uses would need you can really get the most of your garden room both during the day and at night.

Dance Studio to Dining Room

If you use your garden room for activities such as dance or yoga, your main requirement from this is floor space. This will allow you to have plenty of slots by the walls for furniture and chairs. A folding dining table with chairs could easily be tucked away during the day and then brought out in the evening to create a lovely dining room for your family and guests to enjoy. Add a few homely touches, create ambience with lanterns and candles, some soft furnishings to make it more comfortable and you will have one versatile garden room that can be used at any time of day.

Teenagers Den to Entertainment Room

If you have a teen who needs more space to have friends over, to play in a band, to game etc then a garden room is an ideal option. They can keep their noise and mess away from the house, they can enter via the garden gate, they will have everything they need in one place and you will know exactly where they are. Come the evening, this space could easily become an adult entertainment room if you deck it out right. A pool table or football table, arcade games, computer games, a music system and home cinema screen would all be popular with the teens after school and your adult friends in the evenings or at the weekends. It’ll become THE place to be!

Sectioning Your Garden Room

A garden room can be ideal for all of the family to use and by sectioning areas, everyone can get their use out of it each and every day. A few ideas you may want to play with include a homeschooling section with an office for an adult, a relaxation station and an art corner. You could also think about a play area, with a yoga area, a music section and a games section. No matter what the hobby or job, you could all benefit from this space with the use of screens, partitioned walls, curtains or strategically placed bookcases/furniture.

Creating Two Work Rooms

If both you and your partner work from home, you could both use your garden room and still get the privacy and space you require by turning the one large room into two rooms. A partitioned wall is the easiest option here as it will give you the flexibility to change your garden room in the future if needs be. This will help you to make the most of the one building without any extra large building work.

If you work closely with your garden room company and plan your build carefully to incorporate a wide range of uses you can truly make the most of your garden room and everyone can benefit from having it.

garden room for beauty business

Can A Garden Room Be Used For Your Beauty Business?

Having your own beauty business can be both rewarding and satisfying but it can also become very costly when you are in charge of all of your own overheads or when you have to cover your travel and so on. However, there is one way of ticking every box and that’s by using a garden room for your business needs.

A Dedicated Space

A modern garden room will provide the right amount of space whether you are a nail technician, a hairdresser, a masseuse, a makeup artist or if you cover a wide variety of beauty treatments. There will be more than enough room for mirrors, a table, chairs, a relaxation area as well as sufficient space in which to keep all of your tools and products. It is the ideal building for this type of business and you will see more of this in our next pointers.


All garden rooms will come with lighting as standard (heating too) but you can always discuss any extra needs with the room supplier in order to customise it. For example, you may want a dimmer switch installed? Perhaps you need spotlights for some work and mood lighting for relaxation time? And let’s not forget the benefit of having natural light flooding in. With large windows and bi-folding doors on offer, this can all be possible.


On top of all of the above, your garden room can also be kitted out with all of the essential facilities such as a toilet and a kitchenette which means that you and your clients will be able to remain in your home beauty studio for the entire booking without needing to leave to get drinks, to wash brushes or tools or to use the toilet.

Luxe Garden Room Beauty business


One of the best things about having a garden room for your beauty business is that it will immediately bring that air of professionalism to your client’s session. If you were once cutting hair from your kitchen, you may have been surrounded by washing up, laundry, pets etc. A garden room shows that you are taking your business seriously and that your client’s needs to be able to relax and enjoy their treatment come first.


As well as having complete freedom to style out the interior of your garden room in whatever way suits, you can also spend some time and money into creating a whole brand for your business. You could put up signage, have your logo on the walls and create branded price and treatment lists/reward cards/discount cards and so on that a client could easily see and access.

Rent Free

A garden room is an investment but that money is going into something that will be yours to keep and that should keep giving for years to come; it’ll even increase the value of your home! When renting premises, your hard earned cash is going into somebody elses pocket. Being rent free will allow you to invest your money straight back into your business and reap the rewards.

If you are looking to move your beauty business into a garden room, why not speak to us today?

how a garden room can help you reach your goals

Five Ways A Garden Room Could Help You Achieve Your Goals In 2021

The New Year is here and this is usually a great time for planning ahead, making resolutions and being productive but with the restrictions from the pandemic you may not be feeling overly positive, however, we have some ideas on how a garden room can help you in 2021 and maybe make a few things happen in your life…

Home School

With the current climate, many parents have chosen to home school or will need to again this year due to lockdowns so what better way to do this then in a room specifically set up as your own classroom? This space will allow you to have free play, crafting areas, a place to be loud and play music, sing and exercise all without disturbing the neighbours and then, at the end of the day, you can close the door return to your tidy house and leave school behind.


Staying fit isn’t just beneficial for your body, your mental health needs it to stay in check and during these difficult periods, this is the best way to help. Having a dedicated space in which you can take up yoga, weights, dance, take on virtual HIIT classes etc. will ensure that you stick to a routine and will allow you to see that difference in both fitness levels and your mood.

A she-cave: Turn Your Garden Room Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio


Another way of occupying your mind and having something positive to focus on is taking up a hobby such as art, sewing, knitting, crafting, upcycling, woodwork and so on. Just as above, a garden room can make the perfect place to set up as a hobby room, a place just for you, away from the house and any distractions.

Garden Preparation

Your garden room could also be your garden preparation room. A potting shed is ok but will be cold in the winter, a little draughty and often damp whereas a garden room will be warm, insulated, dry and will provide you with all the space you need to tend to plants, seedlings or even to sit and draw plans of how you’d like your summer garden to look.

Start A New Business

Starting up a new business right now may seem a little risky but if you have an idea, why not roll with it?! A garden room will make the perfect little home office for working from home in. Benefits include flexible working, being around to juggle homelife between the working day, more time with your family, being your own boss and in complete control of your ideas and dreams.

The uses and benefits that come from installing a garden room are endless and as your needs change, so can your building which is what makes it one of the best investments you can make in your home.

wellbeing family garden room

How A Garden Room Can Boost Your Family’s Wellbeing

We all know that the outdoors can truly benefit our health and wellbeing. The great outdoors can bring exercise, fresh air, provide you with much needed vitamin D, lower your blood pressure, calm you and boost your energy levels. When we are at home, many of us fall into routines which include sitting in front of a TV, playing video games, scrolling on our phones and laying down but what if you could enjoy your outdoor space so much more? And as a family?! A garden room can provide you with so much more than you may realise. 

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space At Home

The first thing you may need to address is changing home habits. How many of us automatically turn on the TV without thinking about doing anything else? How many of us just slump down rather than being pro-active?

To make a positive change to your family’s wellbeing, you need to take some small steps in the way you all behave at home. Having a garden is such a luxury but many people do not utilise this on a daily basis. Start to look at your garden as a place that will bring you together, as one that will benefit your health and wellbeing and somewhere for all of you to enjoy no matter how that is carried out.

The addition of a garden room can help to bring that space to life. It can add a new room onto your home, it can be a place to hang out as a family away from electronics and it is a space from where you can look out over your garden and enjoy it from a different angle. 

Get Gardening

garden room gardening

And in order to enjoy that garden even more, why not get gardening as a family too? This is all of your space, it is somewhere that everybody should be able to retreat to and find joy in so making sure that it incorporates a little bit of everybody’s tastes is really important.

Your garden room can have so many uses and it could easily be a gardening room. This would give you a place to pot up plants when the weather isn’t so good, it would make a great environment for growing your seedlings in as well as a safe place to keep all of your gardening equipment and any books you’d need to refer to. 

Other Garden Room Uses

We have covered this a lot in many of our other blogs but it is really important to us here at Modern Garden Rooms to emphasise on the fact that a garden room can be whatever you want to make it. It can provide a hobby room, a workplace, a place in which to read or one to exercise in. It can be used as a teenager’s den, as a playroom, for evening dining or even as a pool house. And the great thing is that as your family’s needs change, so can your garden room. 

How It Can Boost Your Wellbeing

Your garden room can take you away from your house but not from your home. In other words, you can still feel relaxed and chilled but you don’t have to think about the chores or the distractions that the house can often bring.

It can create a little sanctuary that you can escape to just by walking across your garden. It can provide peace and quiet to those who need it. It can be a calming environment to get homework done in. It can be a lovely place to play family board games or to eat together in. It can be a room where you exercise together, read together or just somewhere to talk openly and honestly to one another.

Once you remove the stresses that we often feel inside the house, you will find that everybody’s wellbeing will begin to improve.

5 Great Flooring Ideas for Your New Garden Room - rug on laminate

5 Great Flooring Ideas for Your New Garden Room

Choosing a flooring type for your garden room is just as important as choosing one for your home. You want this extension of your garden to be comfortable, to be welcoming, to suit your own design tastes and also functional.

Here we take a look at 5 flooring ideas that can really work for your new garden room.

Laminate Flooring

5 Great Flooring Ideas for Your New Garden Room

Laminate is probably one of the most popular and also the most durable options for your garden room. Gone are the days of cheap, poor quality and thin wood. Today’s laminates look so much like real wood, they are built to last and are very easy to lay in any room. It is an affordable way of getting that desirable wooden effect with very little maintenance. 

Real Wood Floor

Real wood floors are truly stunning. However, when you have a choice between softwood and hardwood we would highly recommend a hardwood every time. They are durable, warm, thick and look classy. The downside of choosing this flooring option is, of course, the price. With quality comes a high price tag but you do need to look at this as an investment which will last you years to come. In terms of maintenance, you will need to be careful about scratching the wood or dropping items onto it as it can mark quite easily but then on the flip side of this, it does give it a more lived-in or rustic feel. If you choose an untreated wood, you will need to apply your own varnish and/or wax. This may need regular treatment depending on how often your room is used. If you go for a wooden floor with a finish on top, this will provide extra protection. You will also need to clean this floor with a cleaner made specifically for real wood.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiling is also a very durable flooring choice and the look they give can also be timeless. No matter how many years go by, tiles will never get boring. With a wide variety of styles, sizes and patterns now available on the market, you are truly spoilt for choice in this department. You could even have a different tile design in each area of your garden cabin. In terms of care, tiles are incredibly easy to look after and with a wipe-clean you are pretty much done. The only downside is that it can be cold underfoot and if you want to use your garden room in the winter you may want to invest in some rugs to cover the floor in the areas where you may be sitting in order to provide yourself and guests a little warmth.


When we hear the word vinyl we often think of outdated, ugly kitchen floors that shouldn’t even be considered today but, in fact, just like laminate flooring, this type of flooring has come on leaps and bounds over the years. Not only is it more durable than before, but it is also warm, easy to lay, affordable and the designs can trick your eyes into thinking you are really standing on tiles or wood. The world of vinyl has really opened up and you should be able to find plenty of varieties that will fit in perfectly with your garden room. 

5 Great Flooring Ideas for Your New Garden Room - carpet


This may seem like a strange option for a garden room and this choice will heavily depend on the use of this building. If you are planning on having a potting room, a carpet is going to be a big no-no. However, if you want a cosy reading nook, an office or a playroom, then a carpet is a warm, homely, cosy choice of flooring.  Carpets come in a variety of styles, materials, thickness, pile and colours meaning you will be able to find the best fit for you. Just remember that you’ll need to have easy access to a vacuum though! 

The great thing about all of these flooring choices is that you can easily mix and match in different areas. For example, you could choose to carpet the relaxation area and use tiles in say the kitchenette area or you could use tiles in the doorway as these can be easily cleaned and laminate for the rest of the room. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a floor, there is just choice and design and interior inspiration to wow you.

garden room - garden dining room

No Dining Room? No Problem When You Have A Garden Room!

Having a small house usually means that you have to compromise on certain areas in your lifestyle. Whether that’s living more minimally, using storage for certain items, carefully planning where your furniture goes and never inviting anybody over for entertaining. A key room in a home for the latter is, of course, a dining room, but with more and more homes being built on smaller scales, these are often left off the plans or are incorporated with the kitchen. This can be perfectly fine when for your usual family breakfast or dinner but what happens when you want to throw a lavish dinner party? The kitchen isn’t exactly ideal and it also means you can’t get away from the mess of the food prep either. Maybe you extend the home? Is this possible though? Or perhaps you convert another room instead? We have an even better idea, why not build a garden room specifically for this?

A Garden Dining Room?

Yes, what could be more perfect? A building made specifically for all of your entertaining needs. As long as your garden is big enough to house a garden room, you could have this dedicated space away from the house which will solve all of your problems.

garden room

Will It Be Warm Enough?

Yes, modern garden rooms are all built with insulation which will keep your building warm enough to be in all year round. On top of this, it will also come with electrical points allowing you to use heaters in the colder months. 

How About The Space?

Your garden dining room will be made based on the dimensions of your garden, the amount of space you want it to take up and also on your needs. As this is only going to be for dining, the building can be a little smaller than say a studio building would be. Having said that, if you want to be able to entertain up to 12-15 guests, maybe you would like your garden room on the larger size? It is all down to personal choice and with a wide variety of styles available to you, the garden room market is yours to shop around in. 

Furnishing Your Garden Dining Room

The beauty of having a room solely for one function is that you can furnish it accordingly. For dining purposes, you could fill almost all of your floor space with one large dining table to give you the option to have just a few guests or a full party of them. If you chose an extendable table this would allow you to adapt the room depending on what the occasion is. Imagine Christmas with all of your relatives, everybody sat around your stunning large table and a tree stood in the corner. You could add fairy lights to the outside, have Christmas decorations all around and even add a log burner to give warmth as well as that cosy feel. 

Adding Storage

In order to be able to use the garden dining room effectively and easily, it is probably advisable to keep all of your dining items out in your building all year round. New dinner plates, silverware, place settings, glasses, cups, bowls and so on could be purchased and be kept as your ‘entertaining dinnerware’ saving you from having to bring your regular sets outside, across the garden for each party. Storage can easily be built as your garden room is. As long as you provide all of your needs to your designer and builder, they can work with what you need and want. 

garden bar - garden room

Why Not Add A Bar?

And for the piece de resistance why not go all out and have a bar built in too? Imagine being able to serve your guests drinks straight from a pump, having cold drinks out of a fridge, the mixers to hand to create delicious cocktails. That would wow any dinner guest and would also make your party an absolute blast. 

Scottish Cube Garden Room

Where to Start When Buying a Brand New Garden Room

Buying a garden room can seem like a tricky and expensive task but we are about to make it far more simple for you with our easy guide. In this post, we have compiled a list of everything you will need to consider before, during and throughout the build discussion to help you to decide exactly what you need and want from your garden room as well as from the company you choose to go with.

buying a garden room

First Things to Consider

We all love a list, don’t we? So working through one will most definitely help with your decision making when it comes to thinking about what you need to consider when buying a garden room.

  • What you want your garden room for- business, studio, hobby room…
  • The best location in your garden
  • Check if you need planning permission
  • Your budget
  • What is available on the market?
  • What do you like?
  • What would be fitting with your garden design?

Do Your Research

Once you have answered the above questions, now is the time to begin your research. Take your time with this part, there are so many options out there, plenty of designs to lust over, gorgeous interior ideas as well as functional options, such as air conditioning, lighting, insulation and so on. 

  • Look online to compare package deals
  • Read articles and blogs on the topic
  • Read reviews from previous customers
  • Take a look on Pinterest for inspiration
  • Email some companies to get a feel for how they work and how much they can offer you in terms of design expertise etc.
  • Go to some showrooms to see the options yourself in the flesh
  • See who offers payment plans
  • Research what materials are more durable/highly recommended
  • Find out what is included in the price and what may cost you extra
buying a garden room

Sit Down With an Expert

Once you have most ideas clear in your mind, the next step is to sit down with a garden room company expert and begin to put plans into action. This is what you need to consider and discuss:

  • What YOU really want
  • The size of your garden and how much space you want to give to a build
  • How construction works and time frames
  • Plan some design ideas
  • Discuss the use and what else may need to be considered
  • Do they offer bespoke designs?
  • How does the insulation work?
  • Can you choose the windows and doors or do they only offer a standard design?
  • Can underfloor heating be added?
  • Ask about connecting phone lines, WiFi, electricity, heating etc. Will you need to outsource these tasks?
  • Find out about protection/insurance/warranty
  • Will they project manage the whole build?
  • Do you want a self-build?
  • If you move home can the garden room go with you?
beautiful garden room

Finishing Touches

When the details are finalised, the build is planned in and you are happy with the direction in which everything is going, you can finally sit down and organise the fun parts, those finishing touches, your personal stamp.

  • Furnishings
  • Plan where items will go
  • Shop around for the best deals
  • Think about home comforts
  • Decide on colour schemes
  • Will the outside be painted?
  • Think about how plants can help to bring the garden inside your garden room to tie it all in

We hope this post has covered all of the usual questions and possibly some that you may not have even previously considered and that you build turns out exactly as you had envisaged. Good luck!

luxury garden buildings

11 Reasons You Should Invest In A Garden Room

When it comes to the idea of building a garden room, it can be tempting to weigh up the pros and cons; you might even go as far as creating a spreadsheet identifying the costs and benefits. After all, it’s quite a large investment!

However we’re here to tell you that it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Here are just some of the reasons you should invest in a garden building!

A home office can change your life…

1. No Commute

Imagine having your office right on your doorstep… well, your backdoor step! How much easier would life be if you could just walk a few steps to your work? No commute, no rush hour, no traffic jams and zero stress.

2. Dedicated Space

If you previously already worked from home then you’ll be very aware of the usual problems that crop up. The distractions from others in your home, disturbances from the house phone, the guilt you feel when you are trying to work but the pile of washing is looking at you and the draw of the TV. Oh yes, we’ve all been there!

With a garden room as your office, you will have a dedicated space just for your work. You can set your work area up as you need it, you can enjoy the extra room for your equipment and you can sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet. It is the perfect place to be productive and never be distracted.

Office in a garden room

3. Flexibility

Having a home office in your garden will also mean that you can be flexible with your working hours. If you want to start at 7 am and end at 3 pm it is far easier done than if you had to go to an office in the city.

You can be there in no time and walk away if need be. You could even return back to work at night if you needed to play catch up.

With lighting, heating, insulation and your creature comforts, a garden room provides the perfect environment.

A garden room to give you room…

4. Children’s Playroom

It’s the dream!

No toys in the living room, no threat of Lego under your foot, no hunting under the sofa for that tiny piece from a boxset. All of your children’s toys and play equipment in one place– out in the garden room.

Not only will the toys have their own space your children will too. They will have a sanctuary where they will be able to freely play, make a mess, spill out into the garden, do arts and crafts etc. You can’t put a price on their happiness and enjoyment.

A garden room for your new hobby

5. Hobby Room

You may have a hobby that you want to further expand, perhaps you are a budding artist who wants the space to take their skills to the next level?

Maybe you need an area that inspires you to write? Or do you need the space to gather your thoughts and relax? A garden room can be all of this and more.

6. Exercise

This is another great reason to invest in a garden room– no more gym memberships! Yep, you can cut out that monthly expense by building your very own home gym and all the equipment that you love. Whether it’s weights you’re into or rowing, running or yoga, you can customise your new room to suit all your workout needs.

Woman working out in her garden room gym

Life’s a party…

7. Home Bar

We all know that pubs are far more expensive to visit than they were years ago, and due to this it is much more appealing to entertain people at home. Trouble is, you don’t always have the space to accommodate all those extra bodies.

Transforming a garden room into a home bar will give you the area you need and you can kit it out with chairs, a bar, your favourite drinks and maybe even pumps?

Having a bar on a warm summers evening teamed up with a barbecue will have your friends queuing around the block to get in!

8. Games Room

If you love your games but don’t have the space to keep a pool table, a football table or arcade games a garden building could be the answer.

You would be surprised at how much you can fit in and you’ll still have the room for a chillout zone, a TV area and maybe even a drinks corner.

A Games Garden Room with Pool Table, Table Tennis and Foosball.

9. Teenager’s Den

As your children get older they are often looking for private space to be with their friends, to chat, play computer games and chill out. Not all bedrooms are large enough to take a group of oversized teenage boys which is why having the luxury of giving them a room of their own is desirable.

You can still keep a bit of a close eye on what they are up to without them being in your way, causing too much noise or making a mess.

Relaxation matters…

10. Summer House

A garden room can be many things and have many uses but sometimes we really overlook the fact that we all need to be able to just stop. This is a perfect environment in which to do this because you can retreat from the house, you can take in the view to the garden, you can sit in pure silence and you can take the time to just be.

mum relaxing in her wooden cabin

11. Meditation Room

You cannot put a price on good mental health and being able to take yourself off to a dedicated space in order to clear your mind, de-stress and meditate could be very valuable to many of you. Life is busy and hectic, with so much to think about and remember but to be able to have a room where none of this matters, where you can close the door on real life for a few hours would be highly beneficial a few times a week. Everybody needs a space to focus on themselves from time to time.

So there we have it!

11 reasons you should invest in a garden room.

And not a spreadsheet in sight!

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