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Modern Garden Rooms Blog

Modern Garden Rooms’ garden room blog showcases our extensive knowledge and love for the garden rooms that we build.

Here on our blog we cover everything from home gyms to art studios, from relaxation rooms to garden offices, from installation to decoration.

Whether you’re looking to find out more about getting a new garden room, searching for decor which will inspire you, or perhaps wondering what to do with your own summerhouse or garden room, here on Modern Garden Rooms’ blog we take an in depth look at what a garden room is, what you need to consider when you get a garden room, and how to make it work best for you.

If you have questions relating to any of the articles on our Garden Room Blog then please contact us; and if you have ideas for posts you’d like to see then we’d be happy to hear from you.

garden room lighting

Garden Room Lighting: Different Options and Inspiration

Garden room lighting can be difficult to get right. Garden rooms have so many uses, and the lighting differs for each one. Lighting is an important factor in any room - inside or out, as it sets the ambience and mood. Get the lighting wrong, and the room won't quite feel right. For example, harsh, bright lighting in a room you planned to relax in might be too much. You might find you can't settle but you're unsure why. Replacing... Read More...
building a garden room as a holiday let

Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Garden Room

When you invest in a new build like a garden room, you really want to make the most of it in order to get your money’s worth. Most people choose just one function for their garden room but to really make the best use of it, how about considering a few of these ideas instead? Day Office to Night Bar If you need a home office then a garden room is perfect for this but to get the most out... Read More...
Executive Toys for Your Luxury Garden Office (2)

Four Executive Toys for Your Luxury Garden Office

So you've built a luxury garden office, and now it's time to add the finishing touches. There's no doubt you've put a lot of thought into making the perfect workspace, but what kind of workspace would that be without some cool executive toys? Desk toys are a great therapeutic distraction for when you're waiting for that important Zoom, or need to fidget while you're on the phone. Most office workers have at least one on their desks, and it seems... Read More...
Use Garden Room at Night

Five Ways You Can Use Your Garden Room at Night

A garden room is a great addition to any garden but when we think about the functional side of this, our minds most probably immediately go to home office, playroom, gardening room or art room but had you thought about all the possibilities for the evening? Here we take a look at 5 ways you can use your garden room at night. Evening Dining A garden room makes a wonderful dining room especially if you don’t have this room inside... Read More...
Teaching Music From Home Here’s How A Garden Room Can Help

Teaching Music From Home? Here’s How A Garden Room Can Help

If you are a music teacher working from home, you are probably well aware of the number of problems that can come from this – noisy family members, doorbell going, home phone ringing, having to keep a tidy house and so on. Perhaps there is a simple solution? In the form of a garden room. Here is how a garden room can help you when you are teaching music from home. A Dedicated Space A garden room will provide you... Read More...
Prepping Your Garden For Autumn

Prepping Your Garden For Autumn

As the summer months draw to a close, your outdoor space will be looking a little different, a little tired and in need of a little TLC which makes now a great time to do this in order to prep your garden ready for autumn's cooler weather. Flowers Autumn is the time of year when some flowers have had their day and will either need removing (if seasonal) or deadheading (if perennial). Removing any dead heads, leaves and tidying up... Read More...
building a garden room as a holiday let

Can You Use Your Garden Room as a Holiday Let?

With holidays in the UK becoming more and more popular, there is a large market for holiday lets. If you are in a desirable holiday location you could be making a second income by letting out a room, an outbuilding or a garden room for short stays but what is allowed? Here we take a look at whether you can use your garden room as a holiday let. Planning Permission Modern garden rooms do not usually require a planning application... Read More...
green roof

A Quick Guide To Creating a Green Roof For Your Garden Building

When it comes to choosing a roof for your home or garden buildings, why stick to the norm? By opting to make your roof a greener one you will be creating a stunning focal point as well as helping the environment. A green roof is a brilliant modern-day choice and here is our quick guide to creating one. How Is a Green Roof More Environmentally Friendly? A green roof can do all of the following: Absorb heat from the sunAbsorb... Read More...
Garden Rooms Prices - Guide to Costs

Garden Rooms Prices – Guide to Costs

Garden rooms prices can be a little hard to work out. With so many variables on the type of room you might want, price points can become a little baffling. It's also the case that some places are evasive when it comes to pricing, hoping to capture your data before offering a quote. Thankfully, Modern Garden Rooms is up front with quotations. While they are always subject to change, it's possible to provide a price guide to help you plan... Read More...
shabby chic summerhouse

How To Create a Shabby Chic Look For Your Summerhouse

A summerhouse or garden room is a wonderful addition to any garden. They can bring extra space to your home, add interest to your outdoor space, allow you to connect with nature on a regular basis and be used in many different ways. In order for you to fully enjoy this space, you will want to decorate it in a style that suits your taste but one style that never seems to go out of fashion and fits in well... Read More...
add extra rooms

Six Ways You Can Add Extra Rooms to Your Property

If you're looking to add extra rooms to your property, there are several ways to go about it. Each option will involve different levels of cost and upheaval, but whatever your budget, there's bound to be something for your needs.  Traditionally, if your home needs an extra room, the first option is to build and extension. This is still a sound solution, but not the only solution.  Modern design and the availability of a variety of materials allows you to... Read More...
painted summer house

Time to Update Your Painted Summer House? Here Are Some Tips

So your painted summer house is looking a little tired. It's not surprising that a wooden structure that spends all year outside is no longer looking its best. Over time, paint can fade and flake, turning what was once beautiful into a bit of an eyesore. Nobody want a scruffy-looking wooden building at the bottom of their garden, so it's time to give it a facelift.  You don't need to be an expert at DIY to freshen up the look... Read More...
Wooden Garden Additions to Create a Rustic Outdoor Paradise

Wooden Garden Additions to Create a Rustic Outdoor Paradise

Wooden garden themes have always been popular, but the latest rustic trend has skyrocketed the popularity of wood in your outdoor space. Wood has often been the go-to material for many garden owners. Its easy to understand why - it's very versatile and always looks great. Styling a wooden themed garden can be done on a budget, which probably contributes to its popularity. DIY lovers can craft seating or décor from scrap bits of wood they pick up. Wood tends... Read More...
Good Reasons to Build a Garden Bar On Your Property

Good Reasons to Build a Garden Bar On Your Property

A year-and-a-half at home might have been enough reason to build a garden bar alone. But if you've always fancied a pub in your garden but still feel undecided, these reasons below might help. Below are some brilliant reasons to build a bar in your garden. Building a garden bar is so much more than taking on a hobby home-improvement project. Although it is something you can while away your time doing yourself (or with the help of your pals),... Read More...
best garden room

How To Find The Best Garden Room For Your Needs

Garden rooms have surged in popularity over the last year due to home working but the benefits of owning one go further than this. They can give you that extra living space you’ve been in need of, they can provide a tranquil space for relaxation and can extend your home without the disruption to your house. With the market booming, it can leave many prospective buyers a little confused over how to find the best garden room but with our... Read More...
Five things to do in your garden with kids this summer

Five Things to do in Your Garden With Kids This Summer

The summer holidays are here and there are six long weeks to fill. If you're already bored of hearing 'I'm BORED!' then here are some ideas for things you can do outside in your garden with your kids this summer! Dig a pond If you've always wanted to attract more wildlife to your garden and a warm sunny area where you have space to dig, creating a new garden nature pond with your children this summer could be a great... Read More...
Beautify Your Garden Room Exterior (2)

How To Beautify Your Garden Room Exterior With Flowers and Plants

A garden room is a great addition to any garden. It can be used for many purposes, can allow somebody to work from home, it can provide extra space that is needed as your family grow but how can you make it look as though it really does “fit” in with your garden? One great way of merging this building with your outdoor space is by cleverly adding some flowers and plants to the exterior of your garden room. This... Read More...
Considering a Room in the Garden

Considering a Room in the Garden? Read This

Building a room in the garden is a great way to gain space. It can be built within a couple of weeks, costs less than an extension, and often doesn't require planning permission. What's not to love? In recent months, there have been reports for an increased demand in home offices. Most jobs can be done from home, but most homes might not be set up for working in. A busy home often doesn't provide the right environment for concentration.... Read More...
small garden room

Five Different Ways to Use Your Small Garden Room

No matter how small your garden is, we can find a garden room to still suit your needs. You definitely do not need a huge outdoor space to benefit from this home extension and a small garden room will not dominate the area you have. By working with your needs and garden specifications you can enjoy a garden room and how you use it is completely up to you but here are a few popular ideas from us to get... Read More...
garden room family

How Can A Garden Room Grow With You and Your Family?

A garden room is a big investment for your home but here at Modern Garden Rooms, we know that this investment will be well worth your while. You see, a garden room isn’t just for a few years, it is a room that will grow with you as your family does and it is a building that will bring you joy for decades to come. Initial Use Everybody purchases a garden room for an initial use. That could be a... Read More...
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