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Modern Garden Rooms Blog

Modern Garden Rooms’ garden room blog showcases our extensive knowledge and love for the garden rooms that we build.

Here on our blog we cover everything from home gyms to art studios, from relaxation rooms to garden offices, from installation to decoration.

Whether you’re looking to find out more about getting a new garden room, searching for decor which will inspire you, or perhaps wondering what to do with your own summerhouse or garden room, here on Modern Garden Rooms’ blog we take an in depth look at what a garden room is, what you need to consider when you get a garden room, and how to make it work best for you.

If you have questions relating to any of the articles on our Garden Room Blog then please contact us; and if you have ideas for posts you’d like to see then we’d be happy to hear from you.

garden must haves

5 Garden Must-Haves To Check Out This Year

We are now halfway through 2022 and it is already very clear what is hot and what’s not for the garden. With outdoor space being more valued since lockdown and people becoming more and more interested in gardening let’s take a look at the 5 garden must-haves for this year… Outdoor Cinema The lighter and warmer evenings make for a great new way to enjoy a film. Outdoor cinemas feel like such a treat, don’t they? And with more projectors,... Read More...
Ultimate Gaming Room

How To: Tips For Creating The Ultimate Gaming Room

Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we come across many uses for our outdoor buildings but one that is on the increase is the gaming room. Online gaming has really grown in popularity and we have seen this in the form of games that allow the users to connect to others, play together and talk to one another with one of the most successful being Fortnite. These games speak to users of all ages and helped a lot of people through... Read More...
Kitting Out Your Micro Garden Office

Kitting Out Your Micro Garden Office

So you’ve finally had your micro garden office built. It’s sturdy, pristine, and looks great from the outside. Without the right equipment inside it though, all you actually have is a luxury shed. Don’t be tempted to shove your old, battered desk in there; if you’re going to be putting in the hours in your new office, you’ll need to create a pleasant environment to work in. Put a little effort into the aesthetic now, and you’ll find you have... Read More...
Gardening During a Heatwave

It’s Hot Out There! Top Tips for Gardening During a Heatwave

Phew, what a scorcher! When it’s hot outside like it has been recently, it it a great time to be outside enjoying the garden. But what should you be doing to keep your garden happy? Is gardening during a heatwave a bad idea? Tips for gardening during a heatwave Here are our top tips to ensure that you can look after your garden, including the lawn and borders during the hot weather and keep it looking fabulous even during a... Read More...
The Four Top Garden Buildings You Should Consider

The Four Top Garden Buildings You Should Consider

Are you looking out at your garden and thinking it is missing something? Do you want to make more of the space but just don’t know how? Here are 4 top garden buildings we think you should consider. Conservatory A conservatory has long been a popular choice for many homeowners. The biggest draw is that it isn’t quite an extension and it isn’t quite a garden room, it’s that little bit in between. Because of this, you get a wonderful... Read More...
Garden Yoga Studio

Garden Yoga Studio

How to Create the Perfect Garden Yoga Studio If you're looking for a serene and peaceful environment to practice yoga, consider installing a garden yoga studio. Garden yoga rooms can provide the perfect setting for your yoga practice and can also be great places to host yoga classes or workshops. Here are some tips for creating the perfect garden yoga studio in your own backyard: Choose the right location for your garden yoga room The location of your garden yoga... Read More...
garden craft room

Garden Craft Room

Using your garden craft room as a creative outlet A garden craft room can be a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some peace and quiet while you create beautiful things. It can be a very therapeutic space to escape to when you need some time to yourself, or even a practical space to make a living from your craft. Whether you are nurturing a creative hobby or creating an outdoor... Read More...
Garden Cinema Room

Garden Cinema Room

The Perfect Garden Cinema Room Setup: What You Need to Know If you love movies and want to create the perfect home cinema experience, then a garden room is the ideal spot. With a few simple additions, you can transform your garden room into a theatre for private screenings of your favourite movies and binge-able television shows. Here's what you need to do to create the ultimate garden cinema room: Choose the right location for your garden cinema room. Ideally,... Read More...
garden outbuildings

Seven Different And Exciting Uses For Garden Outbuildings

Garden outbuildings have become an incredibly popular addition to the home and with good reason. Outbuildings are an excellent and relatively inexpensive way of adding extra space to your home without time-consuming extensions or the need for planning permission. What is more, garden outbuildings can be incredibly versatile and meet a variety of needs.  So if you are limited by space, finances or willingness but still want to reap the benefits that a garden outbuilding can provide here are some... Read More...
6 Stylish Ways to Gain More Privacy in Your Garden

6 Stylish Ways to Gain More Privacy in Your Garden

Here in the UK, most gardens are pretty small and overlooked so it is only natural for you to want to gain a little more privacy in your garden. How can you do this in a practical yet stylish way? Read on to find out… Bamboo If you are after a soft yet natural option then growing bamboo is a fantastic way of screening your garden off from your neighbours without making it look too harsh or modern. It can... Read More...
Garden Party

10 Simple Ways To Create a Fantastic Garden Party

With the weather warming up and the lighter evenings creeping in, your mind may well now be turning to garden entertaining for your friends and family. Here are a few ways in which to create a fantastic garden party that everyone will remember! Soft Furnishings It’s the small things that can help to make your guests to feel comfortable and the addition of soft furnishings to your outdoor space will most certainly do that for them. Look at placing a... Read More...
garden pavilion

Get The Most From Your Outdoor Area With A Garden Pavilion

Making the most of our outdoor space is essential, especially for modern homes which seem to be built with very small gardens these days. It's a shame that we no longer see a large garden as a big selling point and that we often have to make do or compromise on this side as it can really limit what you can do with what you have. In this case, a lot of people will overlook popular garden choices such as... Read More...
Personal Trainer Business from a Garden Room

6 Reasons to Run Your Personal Trainer Business from a Garden Room

As a personal trainer, you’ll know how important those sessions with your clients are. You are no doubt truly dedicated to giving them your undivided attention and want to see them achieve all of their goals but is your training location holding some of this back at all? As we know, public gyms can be busy, noisy and sometimes daunting. Parks can hold a lot of distractions and a room inside your home may not feel quite professional enough but... Read More...
summer house plans

Start Making Your Summer House Plans Now Ready For The Sun!

Spring has sprung which means you've probably made a start on tending to your garden after the winter neglect. It's a great time to see what will do well again, what needs replacing, what needs a bit of TLC and to start your plans for the summer. But have you thought about making those plans extend to more than just your flowers and plants? We think this is a great time of year for a big change and adding a... Read More...
hot tub garden room

Why splash out on a hot tub garden room?

Hot tubs are the perfect way to relax after a long day. They're great for soothing muscles, relieving stress, and enjoying some quality time with friends and family. But what if you could take your hot tub experience to the next level? That's where garden rooms come in! With so many options to choose from, it's easy to design the perfect hot tub garden room for your home. Splash out on one of these luxurious spaces, and you'll have plenty... Read More...
Garden Salon

Work from home your way in a bespoke garden salon

It’s not just the 9-to-5 desk workers who can benefit from working from home these days. With more and more businesses across all kinds of sectors transitioning to hybrid working or full-time remote setups, there's no reason your hair or beauty business can’t do the same! If the idea of cutting out the commute and saving on business expenses like parking and rent appeals to you, then a garden salon could be the solution you’re looking for. Create the ultimate... Read More...
Three Totally Essential Gadgets for Man Caves UK Edition

Three Totally Essential Gadgets for Man Caves: UK Edition

When it comes to man caves, UK shed owners often only see US-based projects featured online or on television. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some American enthusiasts have completed some truly incredible man cave projects. These can serve as a great source of inspiration to us over here in England, but what if you want your man cave to have a more ‘British’ feel to it? Giant Bud Lite Signs and neon basketballs may not fit in quite... Read More...
Garden Room home schooling

Garden Room: The Best Home Schooling Location

Home schooling has taken a big focus over the last few years. With many parents taking on this new job during lockdowns it has been reported that the increase in those choosing to home school permanently has accelerated since the pandemic hit. The flexibility of learning, of school hours, being able to proceed with child-led learning and cater to their needs are all big draws of home schooling and if you have the time and resources as well as the... Read More...
How To Create a Birdwatching Hub in Your Own Back Garden

How To Create a Birdwatching Hub in Your Own Back Garden

Bird-watching is the study of birds in their natural environments, including observation and identification of bird species and has been enjoyed for centuries. It is an activity that has grown in popularity over the past few decades and is a hobby that is suitable for all ages. If you are looking to attract more birds to your garden and want to create a birdwatching hub, here are our tips… Your Garden Room Birdwatching Hub To be able to watch all... Read More...
build a garden room

THE Renovation Job of 2022: Build a Garden Room

With house prices rising, the market being quite unpredictable and the cost of living going up it may feel as though you are a little bit stuck with the home you currently have. If you feel as though you have outgrown it, if you are still working from home, if you are craving some extra space then we are here to let you know that moving house doesn’t have to be the only answer and in fact, THE renovation job... Read More...
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