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Modern Garden Rooms Blog

Modern Garden Rooms’ garden room blog showcases our extensive knowledge and love for the garden rooms that we build.

Here on our blog we cover everything from home gyms to art studios, from relaxation rooms to garden offices, from installation to decoration.

Whether you’re looking to find out more about getting a new garden room, searching for decor which will inspire you, or perhaps wondering what to do with your own summerhouse or garden room, here on Modern Garden Rooms’ blog we take an in depth look at what a garden room is, what you need to consider when you get a garden room, and how to make it work best for you.

If you have questions relating to any of the articles on our Garden Room Blog then please contact us; and if you have ideas for posts you’d like to see then we’d be happy to hear from you.

Turn Your Garden Room Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

Turn Your Garden Room Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

If you're missing yoga, then why not DIY your own outdoor home yoga studio? Yoga is a brilliant hobby for both your body and mind, encouraging fitness and muscle strength as well as calm and relaxation. With all gyms and yoga studios being closed right now, many people will be thinking about doing yoga at home; there are dozens of YouTube videos which can show you how. However one of the most important aspects of yoga is being able to... Read More...
composite garden rooms

The Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Garden Rooms

When thinking about building your own garden room you will initially have a lot of questions that you want answered. As expert designers and builders of garden rooms, we know the most common queries so thought we would provide you with all of the information in the form of this one article. 1. What are the building regulations required? As long as your chosen design falls within the permitted development rules that your room will be no higher than 2.5... Read More...
Garden studio rooms productivity

Working from Garden Studio Rooms – Maximise Your Productivity

Garden studio rooms are great places to work from. Sadly for you, they're also great places to relax in, making it difficult not to give in to temptation.  Because garden studio rooms are often dual purpose (set up for both work and leisure) it helps to learn some behaviours that help with productivity. Working from home involves strict self management - a skill that can be learnt and built upon over time. Working from Garden Studio Rooms and Maximising Productivity... Read More...
creating a secret garden

How To Create Your Very Own Secret Garden

When we enter our gardens we want to be taken to another world. We look for a place to relax in, one to escape from reality, to enjoy time with loved ones and have some fun! We all have our own tastes and quirks when it comes to design but I think the child inside every single one of us has always dreamt of having their own secret garden. A garden full of wonder, holding something new with each turn,... Read More...
garden sun rooms

How Garden Sun Rooms Can Be Good For Your Health

Everyone knows that sunlight can boost your mood, but it can be difficult to get enough. This is where garden sun rooms come in. Choosing a garden room that lets lots of light in can be great for your well-being.  Garden sun rooms are a fantastic addition to any property. Not only are they a versatile room that can have many uses, they can offer some escapism from everyday life.  If the sun is shining, you can head out to... Read More...
pool house wooden garden rooms

The Most Popular Uses for Wooden Garden Rooms

Wooden garden rooms can be a great addition to your home. Whether you've just moved into a property that already has one, or you're considering having one built, you might be undecided what to use it for. There are so many options when it comes to wooden garden rooms. Do you need something to relax in? Does it need to be functional? Would a multi-purpose room suit you better? The truth is, there is a world of possibility. All you... Read More...
can you live in a garden room

Can You Actually Live In A Garden Room? Here Are The Rules

A garden building can have a lot of uses but without proper planning permission, you cannot actually live in a garden room. If you wanted to go down this route you would need to seek specialist advice and support and will also need to declare the exact use of the building to regulators as well as any neighbours. You would need to iron out any differences with them prior to any work being started and if for whatever reason, there... Read More...
best garden rooms for entertaining

What Are The Best Garden Rooms for Entertaining?

If you love to entertain, you might pondering over the best garden rooms for entertaining in. Getting a garden room built for when you guests come over is the ultimate move for those who love to host. There are several types of garden structures available - some more permanent than others. It can be hard to decide which are the best garden rooms to go for when it comes to entertaining. How big does it need to be? Do you... Read More...
Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck and garden room pool house

Why Should I Consider a Garden Room Pool House?

Garden rooms are often thought of as a home office, a reading nook or an extension of the home but they really can be used for so much more and can benefit your lifestyle in a wide variety of ways. If you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your back garden, a garden room could be a real asset to this and here is why... Garden Room Pool House You may be thinking that the garden room could... Read More...
designing a garden room

5 Tips for Designing a Garden Room That You’ll Never Want to Leave!

Building a garden room is one thing, designing it is quite another. Every single garden room can be made unique and that all comes down to you. Your personal stamp, your ideas, your inspiration and your vision for the extension of your home. With so many beautiful interiors themes to choose from, we are all really spoilt for choice and most will fit in wonderfully with your garden room but there are some key factors that you should also consider... Read More...
Oak garden rooms

Oak Garden Rooms vs Timber Cladding Garden Rooms

Oak garden rooms can make a beautiful addition to your property, but are they the best option? Would a garden room made of timber cladding better suit your needs? Aesthetically, oak garden rooms can create a gorgeous rustic look, but the upkeep and cost can be something else! Often, where oak garden rooms can spring to mind as a solution for your extra space needs, timber cladding rooms can be a better fit. Garden rooms made from timber cladding will... Read More...
teenager's den

What You Need to Consider For Your Teenager’s Den

A garden room makes a perfect teenager's den. You don't need to worry about any noise or mess inside your home, you don't have to vacate a room to make way for a large group of friends and you can feel happy in the knowledge that they are somewhere safe. But what factors do you need to consider for this room in order for it to be fully functional and beneficial for yourself as well as to them? Soundproofing  Not... Read More...
garden sun rooms

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Large Garden Room

We've previously discussed small garden rooms, small gardens and how to truly utilise the space you have but what if space isn't an issue for you? What if you have plenty of outdoor space at your disposal and you want to build a large garden room? I'm sure many people would sit here and say well, where's the problem? You're the lucky one being able to choose whatever you like and, to a certain extent, they would be right except,... Read More...
Garden Rooms Planning Permission

Garden Rooms Planning Permission – Everything You Need to Know

Garden rooms planning permission is common query on Google. Often seen as an area of confusion, planning permission for garden structures varies depending on what is being built. Some constructions don't require any permission providing they follow a set of rules, others need planning permission every time. Depending on what your needs are and how clear the guidelines are for your specific query, you may still need to seek expert advice before going ahead. Garden Rooms Planning Permission - Key... Read More...
choosing the right garden room

Would a Shed Cabin Give Your Home More Space?

Once you've lived in one place for a few years, it's easy to start running out of room. A shed cabin is a popular way to extend your living space without the upheaval of moving or having an extension built. Garden rooms can be used for many functions, from storage to sitting rooms. They can even be plumbed in and turned into a bedroom, depending on your needs and planning permission. People opt for a shed cabin for lots of... Read More...
rendered garden room

How a Rendered Garden Room Can Give Your Home The Wow Factor!

When you think of a garden room, you may immediately picture a glass summerhouse or perhaps a wooden log cabin but did you know that there are more varieties available to you with the most stand-out option being the rendered garden room? Here at Modern Garden Rooms we truly believe that this is the building that will give your home the wow-factor! What is a Rendered Garden Room? A rendered garden room is a building that is finished with rendering,... Read More...
choosing the right garden room

Choosing The Right Garden Room

In recent years, garden rooms have become more and more popular and sales are on the increase and it's not hard to see why. Not only do they make an interesting feature in your garden, but they can also provide you with a home-based office, a room for a hobby, extra storage space, a dining area as well as add value to your property. The facts speak for themselves but how do you go about choosing the right garden room... Read More...
Blinds glass summer house

Why a Glass Summer House Isn’t Just for Summer

A glass summer house conjures images of afternoon tea in the august heat. The name suggests this type of garden room is only destined for sunny summer afternoons but it has so much more to offer! Modern garden buildings are suitable for year round use - which makes them a great investment. Once you've found your forever home and are comfortable with the inside, branching out into a garden room is a common step. Glasses summer houses are a favourite... Read More...
outdoor garden bars

Outside Garden Bars – Bring the Pub to Your Back Garden!

Outside garden bars are one of the most coveted home additions for people who love to entertain. Why bother with your local, when you can enjoy the company of your friends, have a tipple and not compete for a seat on a Friday night? Building a bar on your property is one of the best things things you can do if you love to host. Outside garden bars come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, meaning there's an option... Read More...
garden trends for 2020

The Hottest Garden Trends For 2020

Just like home interiors trends alter year on year, season to season, so do the trends for gardens. In previous years we've seen an overwhelming number of gardens take the hard landscaping theme and running it across both their back and front yards, we've had the Japanese inspired gardens, the beautifully sculpted gardens with their topiary hedges but what IS in store for this year? Here are our predicted hottest garden trends for 2020: Traditional English Garden With the British... Read More...
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